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Plagiarism in Scientific Study

Plagiarism is the copying of another individual’s ideas and strategies without acknowledging him as the source. Plagiarism also affects the scientific studies, more importantly when students are expected to conduct research and document the same. The complexity of scientific principles encourages borrowing of words hence students fail to understand the general policies governing the research. Students are encouraged to learn the rules specifically governing research writing to get a clear picture of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is caused by the student’s ignorance, inadequate knowledge on plagiarism, poor skills of education, poor teaching styles and language barrier. Student’s ignorance makes them violate the policies of writing research document. They ignore using quotation marks and proper referencing styles.

Some students get into scientific research writing when they least know what plagiarism is. This creates a greater likelihood of them plagiarism unknowingly. Students should be taught in advance about plagiarism to avoid this kind of a situation. There are institutions which employ poor styles of teaching science subjects. The lectures don’t adhere to the scientific policies geared towards controlling plagiarism. The institutions also facilitate plagiarism since they don’t make investments in plagiarism detection tools. Plagiarism detection tools are expensive but this should not be used as defensive mechanism by these institutions.

Laziness is another contributor of plagiarism. Lazy students opt to use short cuts like copying directly from the source material. Institutions should penalize students apprehended employing this tactic since it is a factor that counters the efforts to fight plagiarism. Language barrier makes individual to be unaware of plagiarism policies in the language. Individuals using a new language may not know when they are plagiarizing.

Institutions can avoid plagiarism by forming clear plagiarism policies relevant to scientific study. The language of documenting the research results should be well understood. Use of plagiarism detection tools, controlled borrowing of words and strict adherence to policies of language are the factors that can eliminate plagiarism.

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