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Partners in Health

An example of this strategy was used in the United States by Dr. David Sobel. This program aims at involving the patients directly in dealing suffering from long term health conditions so that they can manage the conditions themselves and also involving them in health literacy development.  The main concept in this strategy is to change the position of patients from being the consumers of health services to active partners in treating and managing their own health. The key point in this strategy is that patients with chronic conditions can take at least 80 percent of their condition’s responsibility by catering for their own diagnosis and treatment. Offering support to this strategy can result in improvement of care received by patients, save them time, money and other resources (Sollecito & Johnson, 211).

This strategy may be a driver over the next one year since it is not an expensive strategy and does not involve many players. What is required is just to equip the patient with adequate knowledge and information on the condition and then continuous monitoring of the progress by healthcare experts to ensure that the patient is on the right tract. The strategy may also continue being a driver to patient participation in CQI over the next five years as long as the required resources are made available. Research done by Kaiser Permanente, who has been promoting this program in the United States for almost a decade, proved that the strategy is highly effective and its effects are long lasting for both the patients and the health care providers (Sollecito & Johnson, 212). The fact that it saves the patient’s time to keep visiting the healthcare provider and also the resources involved ensures sustainability of this strategy and this can make it continue for the next five years.

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