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Nursing Questions

According to Lloyd’s of London Press (1981), an advantage of professional liability insurance is that an individual can be able to influence a number of factors which have a direct cost on the premium. This can be achieved through reduction of risks where one works. A way of reducing risks in the work place is by safety training and with the equipping of the work place with better equipment and good working conditions. A disadvantage for Professional liability insurance is that the costs associated with the premium are made of factors that are beyond the control of the person. These factors include number of years one has been in operation, the number of claims that the industry one is in have filed among other factors.

The elements which are necessary for one to establish a malpractice are demonstrating; owe of duty, there exist a breach of the duty, there is an injury due to the breach and finally there is damage (Appelbaum & Gutheil, 2007). A was admitted to Hospital X suffering from kidney failure and he needed removal of one of his kidneys (Hospital X owed patient A duty of care). The patient rather than being admitted in the renal Unit was admitted in the hematology Unit (The duty was breached by hospital X). Patient A complained of being in the wrong section but hospital X was adamant, this patient A suffered psychological pain for being in the wrong section. After the kidney it was later came to find out that a sponge had been left in patient A’s abdomen causing an injury.

Documentation requirement is to communicate the status of the patient, the standard of care that was offered, any nursing intervention and the outcome on the patient (White, 2005). One method of nursing documentation is E-health Records, this is computerized. It will cover issues such as assessment data, the nursing plans, and interventions by the nurses, patient education, and plan for discharge among others. Some of the risks related to this include security of the information. Some of the recommendations I would make on the system include better protection of passwords, educating all the staff better on the system. It is also important to monitor all those who access the system as well as controlling access to the system.  

America Nurses Association, is made up of registered, the association has a code of ethics for all the members, the code clearly states that the primary commitment for the nurse is the patient, thus a nurse all his best to ensure that the welfare of the patient is met (2010). The standards of care set by the association are very high, as the nurse is excepted to advocate for the rights as well as the health of the patient

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