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Communication is an imperative part for each and every person. The most widespread form of communication involves a direct talk with the other person. The situations and circumstances wherein people are living have an effect on the way they speak to each other. Communication for the youth is mainly between their parents and their peers. There is a difference between the way the youth talk to their mothers and the way they talk to their friends (Greven & Acedera, 2009).

Mothers are very influential and important people in the lives of their children. Having brought up their children from their infant ages, they deserve to be treated with a lot of respect. Approaching them thus requires one to be cautious about the topic to talk about and the mother’s state of mind. One is expected to have a sense of control when talking to them and must find a starting point. This then affects the way one should talk to them. Considering their experience in life, it is wise to talk to them about a wide range of issues since their advice is in most cases the best. They’ve the benefit of perception and regularly offer explanation to the trickiest situations.

Talking to one’s mom strengthens the relationship between them and their children. The more open the kids are with their mother, the better the mother understands them. This puts them in a better condition to advice them. Talking to them however depends on the mother’s temperament and character. Some parents are not easily approachable thus the kids rarely talk to them (Greven & Acedera, 2009).  Chances of talking to moms also fluctuate depending on the age of the kid. It is more common for very young kids who spend more time with their mothers to talk to their mothers as compared to the young adults. The small children do not have a problem airing their views to their moms, while the young adults could be affected by their shyness or pride and thus fail to talk to them.

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