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Lifelong Learning

Education plays an important role in shaping the future of learners and it is part of the lifelong process. To become an educated person is a lifelong process and it requires more than the knowledge taught in class “Becoming an educated person is part of a lifelong process of learning, study, refection, experience and action-not just four years of classes” (Jones, 2004). However, the learners do not realize the concepts of learning. Instead many believe that having a college education makes them an educated person. Unfortunately, few are able to define the characteristics of an educated person or make the commitment to active learning. Only a few learners will always ask themselves the importance of learning and how it affects their future. Some of the graduates end up becoming very poor leaders and yet they have the required academic qualification. Learning can therefore be defined as a continuous process and it does not end once the learner has achieved a certain qualification. The process thus involves experience, reflection and action. The paper will thus discuss in details all the concepts of learning that proves the process is lifelong.

Lifelong learning concepts

Experience is an important aspect of lifelong learning. This process requires the learner to be exposed in certain areas of life so as to be able to achieve certain goals and objectives. The experience will never be taught in class but the learner will require it for the sake of accomplishing tasks. Education taught in class cannot equip the learners completely with the experience and knowledge to make proper decisions. Most of the lessons taught in class are theoretical and does not address the issues of decision making in real life situation “No educational program can prepare people to make the best decisions possible” (Perkinson, 2004).  Unfortunately, few are able to define the characteristics of an educated person or make the commitment to active lifelong learning. On the other hand experience will require a lot of time so as to gain it. This process is the most important in lifelong learning as it requires the learner to be experienced in practical jobs. This shows that learning alone or obtaining a degree is not enough for one to be fully educated. If one has a degree but is not exposed to the area of specialization, then it will be difficult for the learner to achieve goals in life. It is ironical to note that most students are not taught what it means to be educated. However being a life-long learner is not enough to make one an educated person but it is a process to achieving it. One must focus their time and energy on learning new information

Some learners have different reasons for obtaining their degrees and diplomas for the purpose of lifelong learners. Some will go to college mainly for the purpose of advancing their careers while others will go to college for the purpose of learning and getting a better job. It is however true that college education prepares the learners to face the future and possibly have a better future. However, the college education does not guarantee one an automatic success. It is also evident that most of the employers will consider experience as one of the criteria of getting the job. This also shows that education alone is not enough but it serves as a tool for preparing the learners to face the future. Lifelong education addresses all the issues the learner will face even after college or while working “Lifelong learning is an important educational goal, workplace and society component” (Kirby et al., 2010).

An educated person and uneducated person can not make the same kind of decision. An educated person is different from uneducated in their decision making. They think critically and employ creativity in their thinking and actions. They analyze situations to create meaning. Defining the characteristics of an educated person is also complicated. This is considering that most people have been through college education and have obtained their certificates. This is however not enough to define the person as educated. It is however evident that being an educated person requires one to be active in the process as it is lifelong and requires a lot of time. The modern education has a lot of concepts and certain core values are usually adapted by the learners. However, it is difficult to tell whether having these values makes a person educated.

Some believe that education makes one a better leader. This may not necessarily be true. Some of the people with strong academic backgrounds have very poor leadership skills. This is considering the ever changing concepts in leadership. If one uses the concepts taught in class then the changes may render the leader ineffective. Lifelong learning equips one with the necessary knowledge of dealing with any work related issues.  The work place is changing fast as a result of technology and some the issues may come up after the leader had left college “Trends in the workplace will always change with time due to a number of factors. One of the major factors that have contributed to these changes is the increasing global competition in the production and sale of goods and services” (DeBell, 2006).

In conclusion, most learners do not realize what being educated really means. Most of the learners believe that obtaining a degree or a diploma means that they are learned. However this is not the case as it is evident that most of the leaders who make poor decisions are highly educated. The process requires experience and time. It is thus evident that being educated is a lifelong process. It requires the individuals concerned to be proactive and use their knowledge wisely. Lifelong learning aims at bring the best out of an individual who has undergone through the education system. This is lifelong education will equip the graduate with the necessary knowledge required to make wise decisions and proper judgment. 

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