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Legal, Ethical and Social Issues in IS

Information system (I.S.) is a broad concept and clear definitions are vital. According to Rainer’s approach, the purpose of I.S. is to get the right and correct data and information, to the right people in the right amount and right format (Rainer, 2009: pp10). She argued that one of the goals of I.S. is to economically appendage data into information and knowledge (Rainer 2009: pp10).To fully examine the legal, ethics and social issues on I.S., outlining a clear structure of how to complete the dissertation. Distinct sections are needed to conduct the investigation.

First is to seek to define the concept of I.S. in order to be able to fully analyze the legal, ethics and social issues on I.S. The next task will be to define most important issues that are relevant to information system in each field.

The other task involves applying the concept on an organization that clearly shows a number of appropriate issues raise by the literature review. This will help in fully exploring the ethical, social ethical and legal issues that are evident when dealing with information system.

Adequate amount of time will be needed to guarantee sufficient access to the relevant data and statistics necessary to support and justify findings. The aim of examination is to clearly deliver a theoretical account from which critical examination and evaluation of the most important concepts within the title of the investigation.

Effective acquisition of data is necessary; therefore, focusing upon primary and secondary academic literature is vital in order to establish the theoretical account upon which the examination is based on. It is useful to conduct first-hand interviews with employees and managers.

To analyze data, Qualitative and quantitative techniques are important tools to compare data and statistics. Deductive and inductive techniques are also important throughout the examination. Hypothetical reasoning strengthens the ultimate conclusion and findings.

The results should be presented in written form using graphs, tables’ charts and illustrations so as to provide statistical data and information that support the conclusions reached in the investigation.

Definition of Literacy Carl Gustav Jung
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