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Leadership Style

Leadership is the process of directing the activities of people to the achievements of our set educational goals; this role is exercised by the school principal (Mehrotra, 2005, p. 6). Leadership style is viewed as the charismatic manner in which a leader influences the subordinates. The leadership style is the behavior that the leader shows when trying to influence the activities of others (Mehrotra, 2005, p. 6). Leadership styles are viewed by subordinates in certain ways; for instance, the boss may seem to be self-centered from their point of view. In this case the leader is the centre of power and everyone in the group is regarded as an equal partner. This paper is aimed at summarizing the leadership styles of mine taking into account autocratic, participative and leadership styles.

Autocratic leaders take full control, responsibility and centralize all their powers. Participative leadership share powers with their juniors, the decision arise from consultative and they tend to have an open relationship with staffs or juniors. As for the free style, pass all responsibilities to their juniors, and ask their subordinates to perform mental duties in the way the leader wants them to be done. The group has to provide their motivation (Mehrotra, 2005, p. 7). Each style of leadership has its strength and weakness depending on the situation and goals of an organization.

The leadership that I use is the participatory model where I rely more on my colleague as they depend on me to make the decision that shape our group. My style has worked well as my group works as a team, and we come up with a common decision and goals. I have faced different challenges and it took a long time to make a decision because of a long consultative process. This challenge involved making a decision based on every person’s opinion. There is a lot of implementation to be taken into account because some members keep on proving what they don’t understand. I managed to succeed in this task as I found the golden mean. I based my decision on the most shared view of my friends. As a result, the taken acts were correct.

The leadership style needed in today’s global is participatory style, I suppose. In this case, the view of each participant concerning the changes in the organization will be taken into consideration. The reason behind this is that population is becoming more aware of their rights and the movements in favor of their ideas are spreading fast because of the development in information technology. Participatory leadership also brings common responsibility as every decision made results in participation of every member of the team.

In view of the above discussion, there is no universally accepted style of leadership for any group; the style applicable depends on the situation and level of understanding of the colleague, but I believe the best leadership style is the one that will help my group achieve our goals and make every one more productive in each situation.

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