Human Self

Dan Dennett defines the human self as a biological evolution process that has both created a self that exists yet none could pinpoint the exact station of the self within the body. Therefore, the author devises a mean of describing the self-using sexuality and asexuality terms, which emphasize the existence of man as a biological entity that lays complicated precursors for the self to exist.

Dennett identifies the fact that man’s self is a biological principle “for biology begins in self-preservation--in the emergence of entities who resisted destruction and decay, who combated, at least for a short time, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and passed on their capacity to do this to their descendants.”  The author asserts that the self is a mutation of the biological gene structure over time by overcoming destruction and decay. The self that resists replicates itself to maintain the best qualities to its progeny.  In turn, the progeny resists and replicates the biological gene structure to the generations through a thermodynamic process that states that energy is changes from one state to another without destruction and wastage if the organism resists energy from leaving or entering its body system.

Dennett rejects Descartes' perspective that the soul is like the "ghost in the machine" that alludes to the possibility that man is predestined and robotic or machine like since he lacks capacity to set-apart the self for scrutiny. Instead, Dennett insists that the "self" or "soul" evolved over time in the biological setting whereby it preserved certain details that determines the preservation of the progeny of any self through a biological process of passing on genes and phisi9ologocal attributes that comprise of the self. Yes, it makes sense that everything about humans, body and soul, can be explained as a product of evolution from the perspective that human body’s body processes when functioning properly the self is termed as healthy while on the contrary is suffering of body and soul which in turn determines the capacity of self-perceptions. Personally, Dennett makes sense since biological processes determine the life duration of every soul, the failure of any physiological, psychological and biological systems leads to a death of a body and soul from the physical life perspective. 

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