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Homicide in Chicago

Homicide can be termed as the killing of one human by another human as stated by the legal law of courts. Though, the numbers of homicide cases have dropped in Chicago it is still at its highest among the three main cities including Los Angeles and New York ((McCormick, 2002). 

Target Audience
The writer primarily targeted the whole public audiences who have to be informed of the dangers they faced while they continued with their daily businesses. More so,  the households that have young adults especially males ranging from ages 17- 24 years.

Population’s Prevailing Attitude
The people in Chicago were scared especially households with young adults because gang crime was the most prevalent in the area ((McCormick, 2002). The perception of the population is confused as the number of killings goes down but still among the three cities.

Writer’s Goals
The writer tried to convey an alert message to Chicago residence as well as informative data and statistics to the rest of the world about the homicide levels of the city of Chicago (McCormick, 2002).

Writer Contribution

The writer brought into the notice of the audience the issue affecting them using the most used means of conveying messages, newspaper. Records of two million Chicago Tribune newspaper units are sold everyday showing the flow of information through newspapers is a wide range (McCormick, 2002).

Scrutiny or Criticism of the writer
The writer was likely to face criticism from the Chicago Police and the F.B.I. They do not want to cause panic to the city residents disrupting daily socio-economic activities.
Reader’s Reaction
Most readers were positive about the decline of homicide cases even though they are still high among the neighborhoods dominated by blacks and the brown. The audience is alerted more and is willing to lobby more on the security issue facing them.

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