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Government online resource centers are usually comparatively better in features, credibility and usability than commercial websites. This is because the government funding is usually higher than that of private entities and the manpower employed to run the sites highly specialized. Commercial websites have only one interest in establishing an online resource center. That is to making a profit from the web traffic visiting the site. This essay seeks to ascertain that government resource centers are usually better and more credible.

The essay evaluates two research source websites, and, to establish how they compare and contrast as far as features and credibility are concerned. In this essay, and will be referred to as website A while will be identified as website B.

From the outset, the two websites can be differentiated on bases of their founding interests (why they were established). Website A is a government resource website without any profit-making motive while website B is a business website that provides the college information for a particular gain (i.e. advertisements revenue). Despite the two websites being similar resource centers for college information, they have a world of difference in both features and ethos as this essay will establish hereunder. The essay concludes that website A (government resource center) is way better in features and credibility than website B (commercial website).

In most instances, government online resource centers are usually comparatively better in features, credibility and usability than commercial websites whose only interest in serving as online resource centers is in increasing advertising revenue from the resultant web traffic.

To illustrate that the government online resource center (website A) is comparatively better in terms of features, credibility and usability than the commercial site (website A), these two websites will be compared and contrasted in a variety of parameters. The idea is to establish which among the two website presents itself as the most credible source over the other based on these comparative and contrastive parameters.

The first parameter is the site design in regards to how easy it is to use, the features it includes in most of its web pages and the visual appeal of such pages.  Secondly, the sites are comparable and can be contrasted based on their domain names. Good domain names are easily searchable, memorable and self explanatory in regards to what their sites offer. As a resource center, their credibility will greatly depend on the authors, sponsors and publishers permitted to upload their information onto the site. If credible persons only can upload their colleges, the site becomes more credible than when anyone from anywhere and with any intent is allowed to upload whatever they want.

Again, credibility will depend on the editorial and screening processes that the information available on the sites has gone through before being uploaded. Rigorous processes allow for a vouched for content, that has been reviewed by a panel of professionals and authenticated as valid and resourceful. Finally, the frequency of updating the information on site and cross-checking its relevancy is an important bench mark that indicates on reliability of the information and thus ethos of the resource center.

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