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Glowing of Addiction

Addiction can simply be defined as an obsession to something. This obsession makes addicts do extreme things just to get what they want. Addiction is known to be a psychological problem that causes physical complications. Moreover, drug addiction is accompanied by serious health complication as well as social problems. On the other hand, gambling which is known to be an addiction to many, can lead to bankruptcy, or family quarrels. The word addiction has now lost its meaning due to its popularity. A recent survey, found out that addiction is mainly influenced by lifestyle. Addiction is a problem that has persistently grown over the years. From the old to the young, men to women, the habit has been continuously growing all over as a disease for many. They all begin with little bits of the drug but they eventually become obsessions that eventually become addictions that they cannot get rid of. This issue has raised eyebrows and many researchers are out to find the reality on the ground by engaging their teams in researching about this pressuring issue.

In daily news, increasing numbers of drug dealers has destroyed many youth in societies. Despite having high penalty for drug dealers, drug dealing has still remained to be a huge problem to many parents. According to scientists, drug addiction is mainly caused by loneliness and develops to be an addiction as time goes by.  In most cases, addicts engage themselves in crime in order to get money to buy drugs. To them, killing can be very simple as long as they get what they want. This has negatively affected lives of many; since they are controlled by their bodies instead of the other way round (St.Claire-King 113).

Basically, smoking increases the craving for use of other illicit drugs. The contents are also reliable because there were experiments that were carried out on the urine of addicts and therefore the claims are not baseless. It is also clear that the study tallied with the findings of other studies that were previously carried out on the same issue. From the study, they were able to establish that there exist a strong bond between tobacco smoking and use of illicit drugs. Those who smoked were more likely to use illicit drugs as compared to those were not smokers. This therefore implied that nicotine aroused the brain pathways for other drugs use and hence increased the cravings for other drugs. The study also established that smokers who are on the verge to try and quit smoking are less likely to quit and therefore suggested that any upcoming programs  that are intervening for smokers who want to quit should also take into consideration the use of other drugs. A medical practitioner claimed that smokers who are not under drugs should be urged to quit in order to reduce chances becoming drug addicts.

Sports have become a major field that unite people and has lots of funs from everywhere. Watching these matches have become an addiction to many. It is ironical, how people memorizes names of mangers, coaches, hundreds of players different playing grounds, and yet they cannot memorize a simply mathematical formula. Sports business is rapidly developing due to influence brought by the people addicted in watching these matches. Besides there is no regulation about big fans, many sports teams want to produce lots of big fans by diversity of marketing and events in order to make a satisfactory profit. In addition, they believe that Fan's interest is contributing to sports industries until now (Rother 92).

The term of addiction was founded in the late 1950s (denoting a person's inclination or proclivity). However, the term addiction has changed a lot. This is because our society has rapidly developed, and culture has been enriched by immigrants from many other countries. Over the past few years, addiction was only used to describe negative issues. Today, the word addiction is used for better meaning and sense. For instance, songwriters have used this word in love song, in expressing endless love. In the real sense, love can really be addictive. It is funny how nowadays people are addicted to activities of their lifestyles. For example, sports, movies, eating, working and among others, have become a form of addiction to many. In addition to this, addiction simply defines the form of lifestyle people live in, only that; it is in different points of view.

Addiction is a sensitive issue that not many addicts are willing to admit. It is clear that the researchers are well experienced as they were able to conduct a study involving the addicts who are hardly willing to be known. They are mostly reserved and in denial of having the problem of addiction. It is our duty as a society to take care of each other, and this starts by letting our fellow laymen of the effects that are as a result of certain habits. Doing this openly is the best approach towards coming up with a long lasting solution. The article is a positive step towards reduction of drug abuse. Together it is possible to deal with this problem as the adage goes, together we stand, divided we fall. Let us all take the necessary steps required so as to deal with this problem. It is our solemn responsibility as a part of the society (Samiloglu 57).

Addiction comes in different ways. For example, when I was young, i used to love playing computer games and watching television programs. This affected my studies and my relationship with my parents. This was before I met a girl who lived two blocks away from our home. She had all qualities that I have ever wanted in a girl. I did anything to get close to her hoping to know her better, and maybe confess to her my feelings for her. I was addicted to her, such that a day could not end without having an excuse to see her. I realized that in order to win her, I had to focus on my study more seriously so as to get her attention. My parents realized that i was studying very much, and encourage me to continue with the same spirit, not knowing that I did it for other reasons. Unfortunately the girl and her family moved to another town where I couldn't reach her. Although I was heart broken, I came to realize that I had developed a new habit, which was studying instead of watching television. I tried stopping this habit, but I was unable. This is when I realized that I was addicted to studying. My addiction of studying started off with a tenacity and ended up with a wounded mind.

In conclusion, this paper is very educative and its objectivity and clear representation of data are a positive move towards getting a solution to this problem of addiction especially drug addiction. It is especially useful to the misinformed drug users, who probably after knowing the real effects of the drugs they are using could take a step towards rehabilitation and eventually quitting the habit. The young adults who are not yet involved with the use of drugs are also informed of the effects, and this could make them choose not to use drugs.

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