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Education is very important for every person since it sets a roadmap for future endeavors. It is also one of the most expensive investments that parents make for their children. Education in America is not mentioned in the Constitution. This has made the education sector to be free for all, thus, it has experienced a lot of influences from numerous quarters. All young people need to be taken through an education system of some sort to learn the basics in reading, writing and arithmetic’s. Basic schooling has not suffered as much as the high school and other levels. Public schooling has been the most affected by the crisis.

The major factor which is affecting the school system today is the interference by the political bodies. It is unfortunate that politicians have turned schools to become platforms for their campaigns. The openness that the lack of legislation has afforded the school system has contributed to the deterioration of the education sector. More parents are investing in private schooling for their children which is rather expensive. This puts strain on household resources and diverts resources that could have been invested elsewhere. It is also a disadvantage to the students, whose parents cannot afford to take them through private schooling.

School funding has become an issue affecting public schools. More schools are missing out on the crucial funding needed to run the schools for various reasons. If a certain district does not support a certain political candidate, then they will get little or no funding. The politicians seem to be holding the schools hostage at the expense of innocent students. Less or inadequate funding also results in the lack of basic educational tools like books and desks needed in the classrooms. Teachers will lack the motivation to teach since their students have no books and they have to share what little they have.

The increase in population has meant that there are more students than before. This has put a lot of strain in the education sector. There has not been an increase in the number of teachers hired to take on the increased student population. The schools have not been expanded to accommodate the higher student population either. This all contribute to the schooling crisis.

There was a notion that schools were there to educate the students, thus, they needed to excel academically. There are more avenues for students to excel besides academics. Extracurricular activities like games and sports need to be involved in the basic curricular so as to tap students’ talents. Athletes and other sports people are making comfortable livelihoods out of engaging in these activities. Thus schools should assist in harnessing and developing such talents early.

All high schools should have a technical course within the syllabus for the benefit of the students. Technical courses should include and cover areas that are more inclined to maximize the talents of the students. America and the world at large have opened up in areas besides academics. This means that the students, who are not successful in the academics, can have a platform, where they can use their talents to make a living. Some people are talented in music, art, dancing and other unconventional areas. Many parents and teachers still insist that students have to excel in the academics. However, the right way to approach the more liberal young generation is to embrace their individuality. The technical classes to harness and develop talents should be introduced in high schools. This is to allow all students in lower classes to develop reading, writing and arithmetic to high school level. This is a good level since it gives all students enough education to help them through all stages of their lives.

The effectiveness of such technical classes would be measured in various ways. The students can have arranged internships in the sectors, where they have talents. Students can visit music studios, dance studios, art galleries and any other areas that have activities related to students’ talents. This would give them a benchmark to show, if they can proceed in a particular talent line. Studies have shown that more than a third of all the job positions, available in the United States, will be filled by non- American citizens. It is, thus, time that we encouraged the youth to follow their talents since the job market is very competitive. The failing education system does nothing to assist in the development of quality education for the students.

To have good citizens, it is important that all  schools in all levels teach American history. This should be a compulsory subject that instills a sense of nationalism and loyalty to the United States. There should be minimal changes to the history syllabus since it has been very effective over the years. All students, who have learned history in America, gain a lot of insight and a sense of appreciation for their country. People get to appreciate the struggle and sacrifices that were made to get the United States to where it is today.

The earlier students learn how to be independent, the more efficient they become at managing their time and resources. There should be classes that teach students how to manage money to prepare them for when they start earning. Investment options and wise borrowing tips and guidelines should also be integrated into the school system. This would give high school students the necessary knowledge to make wise decisions once they leave school.

The available job opportunities are not enough to employ all the graduates. As such, students should be taught how to become entrepreneurs, assisting their skills. Business oriented classes should be offered to students to give them the necessary knowledge and knowhow to succeed in starting private businesses. The students, who show a lot of potential in certain areas, should be given internships to motivate them pursue their interests. Companies would benefit from the opportunity to get raw talent that they can develop to their own benefit. Survival skills should also be integrated in the school system to equip the students with essential survival skills. Life skills should be taught by professional coaches and not the conventional teachers. 

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