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Chicano Studies

Since the pre-Columbian civilization, Mexico has continued to enjoy from a rich and renowned heritage of public and permanent art. Actually, most of what is known about the earliest inhabitants of Mexico even prior to the discovery is curved into the walls of various public buildings, pyramids and temples. Such places have turned out to be national monuments, which are cared and protected for the good of both the private and the public sectors. In this manner, the Mexicans and the Chicanos have been able to preserve the culture that is and still was in Mexico. 

Following the arrival of the Spaniards, the production of Indian art in large magnitudes was halted. The power of religion shifted from one person to another while the pyramids and temple carvings were forgotten. However, the public never vanished and was at bay. With the slow integration of race, the Indians and the Spanish evolved to become a single entity. The developments of the new culture led to a revolution in every single phase of life, as well as in art. Art was not only for the elite but for all people as well.

Thus, it turned out to be an icon of expressing the triumph in the revolution of a new man. Cover walls of museums, universities and government building started to be covered by Murals. Renowned Mexican artists such as Siquerios, Rivera and Orozco turned out to be the trademark of this fresh form of art composed of Mexican blended Indian and Spanish, as well as into a concept of future humanity.

Nowadays, in the south east United States, Mexican Americans have continued to be appreciated as being unique and culturally rich people. This unique identity is evident in the spread of Chicano murals. The mural paintings on universities, hospitals and other numerous stores painted on stores, hospitals, universities and numerous other public and private buildings relate the aspirations, hopes and the experiences of the Mexican-American and Chicano people. They address universal and specific themes of brotherhood, equality, and progress, which are rooted in spiritual and humanistic understandings.

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