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Birth and Rebirth

Spirals in nature such as in plants or natural phenomena such as galaxies are metaphors for cosmic symbolism. They are therefore used widely as symbolic content. Spirals on the other hand mean blessing gestures or good luck. Moving sunwise is moving in harmony with the sun. They contain whorls going each way thus creating a balance. The number of whorls is also significant; three meaning the Holy Trinity and four for the four directions of the world (walker, 2008).

Any knot with a closed path with no beginning or the end is a symbolic of eternity or continuum and since the knot is used as an emblem of heritage, the symbolism reinforces the endurance of the tradition (walker, 2008).

According to Madonna Gauding (2009), Before the Celtics converted into Christianity, the cross had another meaning not too different from the rest. The circle was considered female, the cross male, and their intersection meaning the sexual union and fertility. The cross again meant the four cardinal points of the world and the flow of time. The circles were the circles of life in birth and rebirth with the centers where everything stands still in the underworld. The knot interconnections meant the life interrelation ranging from birth, death, reincarnation, and the eternity.

According to the above sources, there are many similarities between the pagan, Christian and the given interpretation on the Celtic cross. In all the cases, the figure of holiness, faith and the mystery of life appear. There are however, some differences in the color and size of the Celtic cross as jewelry. Currently the jewel size is about 10 inches and mostly in yellow color. It is difficult to explain why the size was set about 10 inches even though some are even much smaller than this. The size may be explained as a size of convenience while the color assumed the current beliefs in color where yellow is taken for value.

The features used, agree with the interpretation of the meaning and all signify the same meaning in life. The jewelry is therefore a sign of direction in life with many meanings attached. These range from the struggles of life, the vastness of the world and the convergence of the vast world in a central point where all begins. This is where the similarities between the findings and the analysis. The images of animals’ markings on the Celtic cross have been argued that, it is out of the artistic desires to decorate. However, it might be argued that the animals are a signification of the abundance of life or fertility. This in all the scholarly work done has been taken as a subjective view and interpretation with no factual evidence to support.

It is not understood why the Christians adopted images that were previously used by pagans. By the Celtics converting to Christianity, they integrated their traditions with the new religion and this explains why these crosses found their way into religion. It has been argued that the Roman emperor Constantine was responsible for the current used cross through the chi-rho sign that his army used to display during wars signifying strength and history (walker, 2008). Thus, the symbols were converted later to stand for strength and victory in spiritual life in form of the cross.

The biggest dilemma however is if the meaning of the Celtic cross in the ancient years was the same as the current meaning. It has been argued that, all the meanings above are prone to interpretations and there is no certainty if the meaning of the ancient Celtic people is the same with the current meaning (Bryce, 1989).

Despite all the doubts, the formal analysis of the Celtic cross is in many ways the same with the research findings and this validates the analysis largely. The formal analysis is therefore credible and reliable on the aspects of the Celtic cross.

The Celtic Cross Mothers
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