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Cooperate social responsibility is a significant aspect of any company. It is through this that can identify and align itself with the stakeholder. A company's employees are particularly valuable in maintaining the overall welfare of the company. As the owner of the company, it will be necessary to put the employee's welfare in perspective. Without the employees, nothing can be accomplished. I would ensure as part of cooperate social responsibility that the employees are well motivated. This is can be realized by offering competitive remuneration packages and offering incentives for individual growth.

The company has obligations towards some responsibility towards its stockholders. I would ensure that the stockholders investment is always protected. Full disclosure of the company's position and performance will be a necessity. It will be my responsibility to ensure that information that may affect their investments, either favorably or adversely, is promptly communicated to them. All decisions to change the company's structure will have to involve them. With regard to their investment, any decision taken which might affect their wealth will have to be discussed with them.

Without the customers, the company cannot exist. They are the principal source of revenue for the company and care should be taken when handling their welfare. I would ensure that customer care service offered without delays. Any complaint by the customer is always attended to immediately in an effort to satisfy the customer. The company will engage consumer education to inform the customers on the best ways to use the company's products and services.

The company's social responsibility would extend to the community. I will achieve this by donating employee's time to serve the community on a regular basis. The services offered will be essential and free. The company will also make an effort to improve the social amenities and infrastructure in the community.

In order to advance these initiatives, I will put in place a policy in the company. This policy will provide for the conduct and contribution of the company's social responsibility. I would also advise the finance and budget committee to provided monetary allocations for this purpose.

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