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The Role of Public Relations

Public relations serve to connect the business to the general public. However, it does not help companies to achieve their strategic objectives. Instead, it enables them to establish a good relationship with the general public (Phillips, 2009 page 41). For instance, it is through public relations that companies create a good reputation of themselves. The general public basically gets to know what a company is made of whenever the company makes positive news (Sharon, 2002 page 51). In most cases, it takes several years for companies to create a sellable brand about themselves through public relations. However, building the good reputation will definitely attract clients to the company with obvious consequence of good business (Biagi, 2005 page 121).

Public relation serves as the best communication command centre in any business. Whenever something peculiar happens in the business world, the next worry is how to communicate it to the public in the best way possible (Seib and Fitzpatrick, 1995 page 102). Ideally, it takes good public relations for a company to seize that opportunity to attract the most positive media coverage (Sharon, 2002 page 51). In such cases, public relations serve as the command centre that analyzes the situation and packages the message in such a way that it will have a positive impact on the general public. If this is done ineffectively, the public may get a wrong perception of the company, thereby scaring their potential clients (Ewen, 1996 page 391).

The message relayed by company public relations is used by the market to value the potential of the company. According to the literature, investors make the decision to put their money into a company after reading independent analyses by various financial experts. The analyses made by these experts almost entirely depend on the general perceptions. Thus, companies should really focus on building a strong brand and show their potential to succeed as the best way of attracting potential investors (Bernays, 1945 page 34).

In conclusion, public relation does not help companies to achieve their strategic objectives. It is because different companies have different strategic goals, but they still adopt similar public relation strategies. Essentially, public relations only enable them to stay relevant in the market. It is the actual business practices that help to achieve the organisation's strategic objectives.

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