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The Modern Business World

The modern business world has experienced drastic and unequivocal changes that are unprecedented. Due to these factors among many other, Multi-National Enterprises are spreading their business operations far and wide to attract new markets and boost their bottom lines. To the emerging economies, Foreign Direct Investment, commonly known as FDI, is one of the chief accelerators of their economy and, therefore, has developed favorable enabling environments through sound political and economic policies to align themselves with various benefits posed by Foreign Direct Investment. Foreign Direct Investment is the key in developing and elevating the economies of the less developed countries, middle-income and the industrialized as well but with profound impact to countries of lesser economic growth.

Tabroid at a Glance

Tabroid Group of Companies is the brainchild behind Tabroid, a magical digital device with the power to work and play. Tabroid is a head-to-head competitor to i-Pad and Samsung tablets. Since its inception in the beginning of 1969, it has demonstrated itself as the market leader in the hand-held technological sphere. Tabroid boasts off a revenue turnover running into billions of dollars each year and has footholds in over 57 countries, with over 280 stores stretching across all the major continents: United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

It has two core business divisions, those being the Software Platform and Entertainment and Device division. The Software Platform division is in charge of the development, marketing and distribution of various software applications. The software applications are designed for computer, mobile and tablet versions.

The Tabroid Entertainment and Device division is behind the stylish, excellent features, powerful performance and versatile tablet. The division has designed the device with the consumer in mind. Tabroid enjoys a total market share of 58% and it’s still gaining ground in each and every corner of the globe. Tabroid Group of Companies with its headquarter in San Diego, California, USA. Tabroid registered a 42% increase in foreign sales in the last quarter of the year 2011.The product entrant in the Asia market with its tentacles spreading wide and deep in the emerging South-East Asia.

Globalization and Competition

Tabroid has in the last two decades strategically embarked on an aggressive and relentless expansion of its business operations globally. Fierce and sustained competition prevailing in the global market has exacerbated idea generation and action strategies as a means to secure long term business objectives and goals. To understand better business operations in the dynamic modern world, Tabroid has in the last decade implemented core business strategies which has seen tremendous success and to which has also made the company take the zenith position as a world leading producer of hand-held hardware and software.

Tabroid strategic location in Asia and India to be precise is a part of its great efforts to produce high quality products with minimal costs of production thus reducing its overall overheads and increasing profitability. This is the competitive advantage which Tabroid would like to use to navigate the ever volatile and turbulent global marketplace. The setting up of various manufacturing plants in India will see its rapid growth and extension of its foothold in the global arena, as the Asia market is blessed with a growing population and a growing middle-class, Tabroid has forecasted a growing demand and consumption of their hand-held products.

Business Plan

Tabroid is a market leader in the hand-held and entertainment segment. It has 58% of the total market share with an average revenue base of 14 billion dollars. The company started diversifying globally in 1979 when it formed a partnership with Sony and Yokagawa Electric of Japan. The steady progress in discovery and innovation enhanced its global brand name. Tabroid identified a significant segment of the market which was not met by other players in the industry. Tabroid surpassed the expectation of most consumers by developing products and services which met the needs of those who could not afford and access the product and services due to the pricing. Tabroid is proud of it as the outright technology company bridging the gap left out with other competitors.

Tabroid’s mission is to help people and businesses globally realize the full potential and to make the world a better place through instilling values of integrity, honesty, how great businesses drive social changes and transformations, and facing and tackling challenges head on. The CEO of Tabroid Middle East and Asia division, Mr. Fred Wrigley has always been at the forefront advocating for businesses which drive social change as a vehicle for making the world a better place.

Tabroid’s products and services are consumer-centric. Tabroid Group of Companies products and services are of high quality and meets international benchmarks. Tabroid’s products include the tablets and the newly launched smart phones, on the service division they are the various applications tailored for both the individuals and businesses. The products and services are well-blending the work and play aspect of the user’s life. Tabroid Group of Companies has invested heavily on Research and Development to ensure the users of its products and services enjoy the various developments in the fast-paced technology world at pocket-friendly prices.

The Tabroid’s Group of Company invests a handsome amount of its revenue on marketing. The Tabroid is a brand and has partnered with various organizations in terms of sponsorship, co-sponsorships among many other outreaches. Our public relations have seen a tremendous impact in terms of brand awareness and presence. We intend to gain even more grounds in the Asia market aggressively and relentless. The enabling environment created by India and other Asia countries where we intend to establish our manufacturing plants have contributed to our competitive strategies we intend to employ over the next few years.

The success of Tabroid since its inception to date is vested in employing skilled, levelheaded management and investing heavily in innovations and technological prowess. The company’s growth matrix includes internal development through innovations, acquisitions and mergers. The key mergers and acquisitions are Appollo Computer (1982), Convex Computer, merger with Compaq in 2000. The company’s outstanding performance has attracted steady earnings and steady growth.

However, the company had effected various changes to its culture since the appointment of its new CEO, Andrew Lincoln, and each CEO injects a new insight into the team. As a result, the team is more competitive, more service oriented and enhanced engineering focus. This legacy has been carried over since the company was founded. Nonetheless, the rich management intellectuals each with diverse ambition and the way of achieving his objectives, the company requires a unifying policy to have common perspective. Unless, the company harmonizes its mentality and a consistent way of executing matters, the culture portrayed to the global market will always be diverse. Hurwitz (2011) suggests that optimal thing to do is for the company to cultivate a unifying culture. This might be done by forming a team to aggregate diverse approaches to enhance the Tabroid’s culture.

The benefits posed by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are immense and of profound impact to the both economies; home and the host countries. Foreign Direct Investment has been known to exacerbate the development of the economies of the host country and the home country. Multi-National Enterprises have played an integral part in developing the economies of the host countries through human capital development, technology transfer, spurring of the host’s economy through exports. Foreign Direct Investment through Multi-National Enterprises are vehicles for economic development and empowerment.

The cost impact of Foreign Direct Investment of Multi-National Enterprises on both the home country and host country is of great magnitude, with the host country having a fair share of ramifications. Multi-National Enterprises opt for Foreign Direct Investment due to the factors such as cost of labor, natural resources and strategic proximity to the international markets. Many Multinational enterprises prefer FDI because of the host’s reduced administrative and regulatory burdens or processes. However, some of the costs paid heavily by the host country include exploitation of the human resource and natural resources, violations of the host’s laws and regulations,

The future of multinational enterprises is still an optimistic one, as the world economies grow, as witnessed in Asia where a growing middle-class is evident; this will mean one thing: an increase in consumption. 

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