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Synergy Computer Hardware LTD

Synergy Computer Hardware Ltd is a company that until the beginning of 2008 operated as a business enterprise that dealt in the sale, repair and replacement of useful computer hardware such as desktop monitors, TFT Screens, the latest software, Processing units, Laptop computers among others. During this time, it operated under the management of Michael Robinson, but with the increasing volume of its trade, it grew into a fully fledged company with diversified services that rage from sales, repair and management of the distribution of the hardware within the city and beyond.

The steadiness in growth of the company has been due to the initial success attained as a sales shop which provided the necessary capital base for expansion into sale, retail and service enterprise. It now operates under a management board that oversees its decisions and operations.

The mission of the Synergy Computer Hardware Ltd is to serve the communities both in the city and the surrounding areas with the best in terms of services related to damaged computers as well as availing the latest and more efficient computers to suit the needs of the competitive society of today. It also desires to offer opportunities to the skilled and talented professionals to exercise their talent and access employment (Stapleton  & Thomas, 1998).

The company intends to achieve steady growth in the next five years in terms of serving a wider market and maintaining the quality of services offered to the public. We also desire to achieve a greater expansion to the regional level as well as investing in the needs of diverse cultures (McDonald, 2007).

The company also has a vision to support the contemporary society like the effects of climatic change, poverty eradication, sponsoring educational activities on computer skills among the illiterate. These can be classified as long term goals.

The short term goals that the company intends to achieve include increasing the profit margin on the sale of the new products by 30% at the end of each year. This will facilitate venturing into the regional market at a faster pace (Luther, 2001). 

The company also intends to invest in various marketing strategies in the media and through promotions and road shows within and outside the city. There are also plans to access funding through sponsorship, partnerships and collaborations.

Market Segments for Potential Customers



Differentiation in Marketing



Marketing Ideas for New Products in the Business



Learning Institutions Cyber cafes



Providing Discounts for large purchases( buy 10 get one free)

Sale on order 



Promotions and competitions accompanied by prize winning and offers.

Advertising on media in collaboration with partner organizations.



Individuals, private business firms, data entry institutions and archives and record management firms.



Offering the products at cheaper prices for individual purchases with longer guarantee periods.

Offering prizes for large scale purchases and after sales services.



Increasing sale joints and bringing the services closer to the people.



Government Institutions, auditing, Media and financial based companies


Signing periodical purchase deals and yearly purchases.

Raising the price limits.


Collaborating with the government and seeking sponsorship for the promotion of the sale through involvement in various projects within the government plans.


The company seeks to develop a brand that will make it to stand out from the rest of its competitors in terms of a logo, as well as the use of the name Synergy Computer Hardware Ltd .this will be done as the legal procedures will be followed towards the acquisition of the same. The computers will have decent packaging to ensure that the customer gets the product in its original state. This will be done to ensure that our delivery of quality is not compromised and we maintain the customers’ rapport with us.

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