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Success Factors

It is imperative to know that employers are not an amorphous group of people who are looking for worker bees. They are basically looking for the right individuals who can assist them to achieve their goals and targets. I interviewed people about the issue and they gave me divergent views. One told me that a job seeker should realize that employers normally look for people that they can employ. They look for people with certain specific skills, competencies and attitude that will fit in their job description. One should realize that some employers are interested in the personality and not the mere papers. I saw a job advert in the daily newspaper. They wanted an accountant, whose responsibilities included ensuring that the company’s assets were properly insured, preparing and maintaining annual auditing documents, paying of casuals among other assigned duties by the managing director. I applied immediately since I had all the necessary requirements for the position. It took only a fortnight for them to call me and invite for the interview.

Experience was emphasized since it had proved to be a major factor for success. I was asked not to be afraid or naïve since it is people who employ people. I had to market who I was alongside what I could do for my employer. Apart from my Bachelor of Commerce, I was asked to produce my extra certificates to complement the degree. I was, at the same time, asked not to produce certificates that I believed that would not add value to my life. I had never though that one could lose a job due to poor references. Most people worldwide pay no or little attention to the kind of referees that they include in their curriculum vitas. It is imperative to know that they are a crucial component in the process of searching for a job. It is very necessary for one to inform the referees that you are or have prospects of searching for a job. This is important to do so that the referee is prepared on the responses to give and appraisals to accord to the applicant. Most people do not bother to tell the referees about this and they leave the referees to ponder on what to write about those candidates.

Some have referees without their knowledge and consent. This is dangerous, because one does not know what they would write about you. When employers are undertaking a reference check, they tend to be very keen and observant on the kind of information that they get about that candidate. One has to pick on referees who are not very busy or those who have competence in writing recommendations. One has to ensure that they are people who can adequately respond to what they are being asked. The referee should be able to describe you and summarize candidly the vital traits about you in an understandable manner. I found this important and being advised by my peers, I followed it to the letter.

My d-day was around the corner and I had to put everything into perspective. I also found it important to share the CV with my referees so that they could update themselves with my current training levels. I engaged myself in mock interviews, since I saw it as a good opportunity for personal development during a job search. This process was important as it opened my worldview and provided helpful feedback regarding my confidence, articulacy and knowledge of the subject matter of the said interview. I finally got the job and I had to encounter the challenges of this environment. I was to be paid in scales which were acceptable to me without even many negotiations. The fear of failure is normally very detrimental in the work relations. As much as most people are normally driven by the positive forces to work, there are some pressures. This was one of my worst challenges that I encountered. I had an intrinsic fear of failing in my duties. I had a feeling like I had to constantly prove myself. I had to portray my competence skills and compete with my colleagues.

My fear of failure was so great and so deeply rooted that I read malice in almost all cases when my juniors failed to deliver results as I expected. I became very strict in my management of people because I would rather lose them than lose the project at hand. It became strenuous even to me. It became almost impossible to please me. I believed that achievement of results had to be beyond average. I worked for longer hours and not because of love I had for my job, but rather for the fear of not attaining goals I had set. I had to be advised by my few friends since I unconsciously vilified some staff which left the office promptly or early, since to me it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage my efforts which I worked so hard to achieve. I even came to a realization that it was not only me who had been affected by this.

The colleagues whom we were in the same rank with were also undergoing the same challenges. This brought about stiff competition for recognition which resulted in fear of failure. I even contemplated propagating the failure of others so that my star could shine. This brought about strained office relations and we didn’t work in harmony.

My financial status and priorities were also changing. I was thinking I need to save and buy a house, pay down that credit card, find out about mortgages, invest in a life insurance. Since I was well remunerated, I really enjoyed the job and thanks to all this advice which I took faithfully, I got a promotion. My superiors were happy with my work, though we disagreed on almost everything. I came to realize that my boss wanted someone who could speak his mind always without fear of reprisal. However, I was very good at following orders which impressed them even more. I knew my place in the company and when it was my call to make the crucial decisions.

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