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Starting a Mexican Restaurant Business

Business Aim and Objectives

Consumers today are busier with their schedules than it used to be before. This makes most consumers look for nutritious meals at affordable prices. Study shows that most consumers prefer meals that are fast, tasty and enjoyable without doing other meals thereafter. Opening a Mexican restaurant can come up as a solution to the demand of many consumers today. Mexican restaurants are one of the most beneficial restaurant businesses to run in Oregon currently. This is because these kinds of restaurants have not been fully invested in and thus no stiff competition. Again there is great demand for Mexican food in the area thus the establishment of Mexican restaurant can be a successful business.

In addition, Oregon is preparing for a great population increase because of migrations from other states for investment opportunities and employment. Therefore Mexican restaurant would be a good business to establish. This business is also aimed at ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and provide a work environment of respect. The business will also ensure that there is diversity as an important tool and component in the way our restaurant is run. Our goal at the same time is to offer the highest level of excellence of production, preparation and service to our customers. It is also important to note that the aim of the business is to build a lasting relationship with its customers and to finally be in the forefront in contribution to the development of the surrounding community.

Budget and Financing

The objective of this proposal is to provide a limited liability corporation that will assist in shielding me from personal liability. Request for finances is also to help finish construction in less than four months of financing. Starting a Mexican restaurant needs a minimum of $ 100, 000 though having a higher amount can be of other financial institution. The reason for having this amount of money for a start is to provide both initial and operating capital. Purchase of food, staff salary, and furnishing the restaurant are part of the operational cost to be incurred at the beginning.  The restaurant staff will include cooks, servers and door attendants. Others will be dish washers, head cook and if possible parking attendants. This makes the operational budget important and hence the need for financing.

Other financial commitments will include application or operation permits needed for any food business to operate. As much as rules vary from state to the other, permits on food handling, inspection and liquor licenses are required for the business to start. The bank loan is therefore to help pay these bills for the business to start. Having a liquor license is important because patrons in Mexican restaurants will likely ask for tequila and margaritas which can not be sold without license.

Business and Marketing Plan

I have researched and found out the reference and test of most residents of Oregon. This has helped me put up the best menu that will fit their taste and demands. I have also selected good Mexican chefs to ensure that food is well prepared. The premise is well located not in a busy street to avoid interferences caused by traffic. It is accessible in the middle of the city with bill boards to show its location. The restaurant will be designed in a way that it accommodates everyone’s wish. I intend to make it a place for frequent visit by creating a homely atmosphere for all clients to feel welcome. Financing will also help me secure a good parking lot for my customers who come driving. This will ensure security and also gives the restaurant a reputation.

 The marketing plan for the business will include advertisements. This will be done using a logo that is catchy with the restaurant name, a Mexican name to give it the resemblance. In addition, marketing will be done using brochures and pamphlets that are attractive to attract many people to the restaurant. I am a professional designer and will use this chance to make attractive and appealing adverts because food lovers always want to try variety of foods. Another way I intend to do my marketing is by getting feedbacks from my customers. Customers are the best critics and therefore pose the best criticism. Customers’ comments can be obtained by including a feedback forms alongside the menu for customers to write their comments there after. Again in marketing, I will organize weekend parties to attract many more customers. I also intend to give the restaurant a weekly theme in its appearance. For example, going green to celebrate a green week, red to offer love and for lovers and also yellow for friends to find a place to share their friendship are some of very important themes this restaurant will adopt.

In conclusion, for the business to remain relevant in the market, I have to emphasize quality service to my customers in the restaurant. Most restaurants fail because their services do not reflect what is seen in the menu. My intension for hiring the right Mexican cooks is to ensure that the service is what is in the menu. The other important thing to look into is the cleanliness of the restaurant. There should be no spots on the plate, clean walls, and clean stove as well as under the stove. The sinks should be well maintained with soap dispensers never running out of soap. This will make the Mexican restaurant business thrive with good profit margins.


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