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Self – Development

In reference to previously handled assignments in the semester, on personal needs and personality, these concepts can help an individual to become a better leader and designing a self development plan. Being acquainted with conducting research using electronic databases is something anyone who aspires to be a leader in the modern world of business should aim at knowing. Being a good leader not only depends on the inherent qualities, but also on real-life exposure to leadership, responsibilities and effective communication skills. In addition, leaders their self-development should strive to read widely and get diverse ideas and information, in order to broaden their self awareness and outward look of others. 

A leader's literacy level determines to a great extent how confident they are in meeting life's challenges. Despite differing beliefs and opinions, individuals working together in a group are better able to accomplish set goals and objectives, efficiently and within the expected time frame. I have come to realize that being literate and understanding particular behavior of individuals in a firm will help me achieve my long-term goals on my road to higher levels of study and success.

Communication is the efficient transmission of information from a sender to a receiver, in a way that both can understand each other. Information sent via communication can either be verbal or non-verbal; however, both are aimed at effective communication in the communication process, which involves the use of networks such as the chain, circle or all chain networks. When doing online assignments, the all chain network is the best option. This is because information required for completion of the project is sourced from different sources including the teacher's instructions, downloading and uploading of complete assignments.

There are some barriers to online communication like problems in the encoding and decoding of information, cultural differences, noise, misunderstanding of the received information leading to confusion, all result into ineffective communication. The reader must possess the skill of reading and listening to sent information very clearly so as to get the intended message. Therefore, the choice of communication channel selected is very important in determining the level of effectiveness of information sent in order to promote an effective communication process between the sender and the recipient

Goal setting is a vital thing that every leader who envies success must do in order to achieve expected goals in life. Goals picked should be specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time-bound and self motivated. All goals set encounter obstacles, and their achievement depends entirely on how we best we handle the problems hindering their fulfillment. Generally, time is the most vital element of a goal and still the most affected by obstacles. Working under a schedule or time table can help in the efficient management of time. In addition to better management of time, working in a group makes achievement of set goals a lot easier.

Role conflict is also another factor affecting achievement of set goals due to a discrepancy of events in an individual's life that offers differing expectation of roles The situation can however be dealt with by having a good work life balance, between time spent at work in relation to time spent doing things that one enjoys. There is no standard work life balance for all individuals as it keeps on changing now and then for every individual. The work life balance is very important in the achievement of goals, since by achieving a balance between school and life I will be able to accomplish the goal. In summary, it is important to do a comprehensive research on goals set so as to achieve the optimum outcome of the order.

A leader is a person who is in charge and plays a guiding role to a group of people who are aimed towards the achievement of specific set goals or purpose. A leader leads by example, so that others become motivated in the process to follow him. As a basic requirement, every leader must have a deep-seated dedication to the goals that he/she will make every effort to accomplish even if nobody follows him/her. As a leader I will seek to fulfill my duties and obligations towards both my work and my colleagues since both are very important to me. My work is the place where I aim to achieve service towards others, the expression of my technical knowledge and the building of harmonious and satisfying relationships. My position as a leader is the place where I aim to find happiness, peace, contentment and joy. Despite all the challenges, I aim to balance work and home and the genuine needs of those who look to me to help them. Living my mission is the most generous thing I can do to my followers.

When the New York Times Business section-Corner Office section featured Wendy Kopp, it was a great thrill. As the founder and chief executive of Teach for America, Wendy spoke to Adam Bryant about her experience working in the non-profit making sector and on her views concerning several other related issues in the Corner Office column of the Sunday's Business section of The New York Times. The interview offered important views and opinions from debates about leadership and management with influential leaders and executives.

According to Wendy, in her style of leadership, some specific principles of leadership come into play. Setting goals is a vital aspect for her success; she offers insightful advice on setting goals and the significance of making mistakes and learning from them. When interviewed on how she created a sense of mission for Teach for America, she explains that she first defined the organization's main concerns and then she finally developed a measurement of success. She describes her organization's mission as an all inclusive process, through which she got everyone aligned with the organization's priorities and goals.

Wendy Kopp is one leader who has managed to achieve most of the leadership principles. The element of knowing her herself and seeking self-improvement; by understanding herself and her capabilities has seen her rise to being one of the most envied leaders in the business world. Understanding oneself can be strengthened through continued and diverse reading. In coming up with her organization's goals, she employs technical proficiency, whereby she shows a sound familiarity with her employees and the organization's goals and priorities. She goes out of her way to search for means to guide the operations of the organization to greater heights and also taking responsibility when things go wrong at the firm. Through the interview, it is obvious that she makes timely and sound decisions, a factor that has seen her organization soar to great heights. Setting the example by being a good role model as employees will be inclined to believe what they see.

She admits trying to understand her employees and looking out for their needs is equally important as a leader. As a leader, she believes that developing a sense of accountability and responsibility in employees goes a long way in helping them carry out their professional responsibilities effectively. She argues that lack of experience, should be viewed as a weakness, but as strength, as it gives individuals the ability to break free from traditional structure and to set goals that more qualified persons may think are not realistic.      

Wangari Maathai of Kenya is a woman whom I believe is a leader. Having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the Nobel Committee for environmental activism proves she is a person with very special leadership skills and genius. She pioneered her environmental activism through the Green Belt Movement that she had established around twenty five years before she received the award. She is a leader who led by example by planting seven trees on Earth Day, 1977, in honor of Kenyan women who were environmental leaders. By being a good role model her campaign has borne fruits. She made sound and timely decisions in planning how to solve the problem of deforestation.

Her ability to interrelate local and global problems and addressing them through action is a leadership that Maathai envisioned in her Green Belt Movement. She trained the village women as a team to plant trees and through team spirit their efforts were duly recognized in the wake of global warming and deforestation. Wangari Maathai was able to employ the efforts of her group to its fullest capabilities, in which they ended up planting thirty million trees. Through the Green Belt Movement, the village women saw an opportunity to export commodities like coffee and tea. Maathai's efforts have been recognized globally, having sought to take responsibility for the environment saw her guide her organization to new heights.

Knowing her people well and looking out for their welfare paid off in a way. She understood human nature and the significance of genuinely being concerned about her workers. Through communication and working collectively as a team her goals were accomplished. This brings out the insight to life in Wangari Maathai's brilliance.

In my personal leadership action plan, there are certain key concepts I have to incorporate into my leadership plan, in order to ensure success and effectiveness in my future leadership endeavors.  Proper planning through role model development, through learning and enabling a culture of development in order to be a good role model for others to emulate. Ensuring that I communicate clearly on expectations, by being a strategic leader will imply that information relayed produces interest and promotes an atmosphere of open exchange and support. Most people yearn to learn and grow from whatever activity they take part in; hence, it is important for me as a future leader to ensure that I will ensure work provides a learning experience. Being a good leader implies incorporating learning as an important part of the normal work responsibilities of employees and hence they should both be harmonized in order to create a balance.

Good leaders acknowledge that encourage Development in their followers and upholding a legacy of being a transformational leader is an important task that every leader needs to execute. Through developing our successors as leaders enhances commitment and satisfaction and hence being more productive. Being a great leader also entails assisting others to apply new skills through mentorship opportunities to institute the new skills learnt in achieving the overall organizational goals. The positive support of assisting others develop contributes to a circulated sense of leadership at all levels. This form of distributed leadership can best be achieved through mentorship, coaching and facilitating the growth of others. Being able to relate interpersonally demonstrates a true concern of the leader towards the perceptions of others and a commitment to listen rather than trying to convince. When others see your commitment towards them, they in turn commit to you. In addition, being a good leader also means offering others opportunities to develop themselves. This builds life-long loyalty from the team, since they appreciate your commitment.

Being able to evaluate provide a fair and concise feedback regarding the team's performance. This builds respect and trust between the leader and his/her followers. Positive feedbacks influence performance positively. Recognizing and emphasizing strengths as opposed to focusing on weaknesses defines a leader and his leadership traits. Focus on success and achievements creates constructive energy by identifying and rewarding what is working, which produces better commitment and drive for change. However, performance gaps should still be discussed, but the focus should be on focus detailed proposals for progress and development directly related to performance. The type of leader in an organization is a core reason as to whether people prosper or quit. Establishing a performance based kind of leadership that entails a coaching atmosphere and conscious efforts at constant discussion within work groups promotes a breakthrough in leader-follower relations and on the results achieved.

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