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Role of Recruitment and Selection


Recruitment and selection are the key pillars of establishing the organization, as they involve the process of identifying and selecting suitable candidates to match the organizational needs (Conciliation and Arbitration Service, n.d.). The recruitment and selection process outcomes can be influenced by the mode or system that the organization chooses to carry out the process. The diversity, limitations and capacity of the company dictate the path that the company chooses; for example, a company with no human resource department is likely to go for external recruitment and selection system, for competent system. Each different competency recruitment system has its advantages and disadvantages, as per the company needs. For example, frozen foods companies are after recruiting employees who are flexible, respond quickly to changing circumstances, existing and emerging food safety issues and cross contamination prevention. The major advantage of competency systems is that competency-based recruitment and selection are results oriented. Currie & Horsfield (1995) illustrate that competency-based recruitment provides candidates with openings to explain and demonstrate their credentials in competency-based terms. However, the process is disadvantaged by the resources which a company might utilize to achieve successful process. The disadvantage and advantages of the competency-based recruitment systems can be illustrated through systems, such as the six sigma and iso9001.

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Six Sigma versus ISO 9001

Six sigma and ISO 9001 are both important competency systems that can aid a frozen food company performance in both the operational and financial ways. In accordance with the operational and financial challenges frozen food companies are often exposed to due to non-innovative and skilled employees. For example, frozen food companies are often challenged in operational activities, such as marketing and distribution and financial challenges brought about by change in consumer patterns, as per consumer needs. To deal with such challenges, the frozen foods companies need to choose an ideal platform that can enable them to establish a team of employees with capabilities to meet existing and emerging challenges. Between Six sigma and ISO 9001, Six Sigma is better placed to deal with the issues of frozen foods companies.

Six sigma is focused on on-job recruitment process that enables a company to identify the right candidate to promote or deploy emerging challenges, through its internal recruitment system (BBC, 2012). As illustrated, the frozen food companies’ major issue is emerging challenges in relation to marketing and distribution changes (Erickson, 1997). Therefore, frozen food companies need employees who can adjust to emerging situation. Through the on job recruitment, employees can be accessed by the company and evaluated whether they are fit to deal with certain posts within the company. This, in relation to the element of employee training, evaluation and promotion through belts levels such as green belt, black belt and master black belt. Thus, the employees can be recruited and selected to match the company needs of functioning effectively, even during times of rapid or unanticipated change, since the sigma six focuses on a platform, where competencies are readily transferable across work situations (Persse, 2008).

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ISO 9001 is an excellent and popular platform of quality management system addressing customer needs (Persse, 2008). However, frozen foods are challenged with how to react after experiencing customer needs challenges, rather than how to extend customer satisfaction. For example, sigma six asks the question of how an employee can deal with a drop in customer demand, while ISO 9001 asks the question of how to extend customer’s demand. Therefore, ISO 9001 is disadvantaged to deal with frozen food companies’ issues, as it does not focus on emerging challenges. On the same note, ISO 9001 as a recruitment and selection competency tool is costly, uses a lot of time and is difficult to implement (Persse, 2008).

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