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Dr. Harrison is recommended to take the following steps to solve the issue identified.

1. Firstly, Dr. Harrison should improve the relationship between him and Collington He needs to bridge the power gap between him and Collington. Providing him an access to information like the Return on Investment period, the investment limit and other financial matters can prove beneficial and he will feel the ownership of the business. (Paton & McCalman, 2003).

2. Dr. Harrison should take step to lessen the work load of Collington. He will need to hire more staff to help Collington and share his work load. It is evident from the issues identified that more resources are required to facilitate Collington in performing his duties like arranging and analysing demonstration visits effectively.

3. The doctor needs to exhibit to his staff his trust and faith on Collington. In this way the staff members will also be promoted to do the same. It will prove to be a constructive effort in promoting a healthy organizational culture

4. In spite of the lack of knowledge about ICT, Dr. Harrison should encourage Collington to work on designing a proposal for the implantation plan. He also needs to be informed about every target set. 

5. Dr. Harrison should promote work environment where authority is delegated among the staff. It will make them more responsible and hence improve the efficiency.

Collington's efforts are crucial to solve the bulk of the issues because he is the central person responsible for these system developments.

Here are presented some recommendations to solve the issues mentioned above.

In order to bring process innovation in an organization, it is highly commendable to follow the steps which were presented by Hayes (2007).

  • First of all, Collington needs to identify different processes of the organisation and develop relationship between these processes. Diagrams like Rich pictures and Flowcharts etc. Can be used to have a look at the working of the entire organisation. This step will prove helpful to identify small but critical details about the organization.
  • Then he should spot out the problematic processes by various analytical tools like SWOT, PESTLE and Five forces model etc. After identification, these problematic processes should be classified according to Hammer & Champy's (1993) classification. It will help in prioritizing that where should he work first.
  • When he will have classified and understood the processes and their problems, he will have to design new strategies for rectification of those processes. Here it is important to find out the impact of new strategies on other processes.
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