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Progress Report on Kitchen Remodeling

Carrying out kitchen remodeling activity is one of the most exciting experiences (Weisbaum). On the first week kitchen was temporarily relocated kitchen to the dining room to give space for the remodeling activity. In the process, it was found out that a number of items that were not of help any more. The items were donated to charity organization for redistribution since vital kitchenware were to be replaced. For the replacement purposes, a list of purchase was made. Bookshelf that was placed in the kitchen was permanently moved to the study room.

The upper cabinet was permanently fixed and this required the removal of the pieces one by one since it was partly torn. The person who fixed the cabinet could have made it in such a way that it would be easy to wholly remove the cabinet intact. The leaking sink was also removed after discovery that the shutoff valves were faulty and needed replacement. They were purchased from a nearby hardware shop and installed. The other duty was to remove the lower cabinet and countertops that were also permanently fixed. All these work was accomplished within the second week.

Plaster walls were torn, the entire floor was covered with plaster, lathe and insulating materials by us use of dumpster.

The lathe, insulation, and plaster were later removed. These works took one week to complete.

The eighth day involved the rewiring of the whole kitchen and for this role, an electrician was hired to make budget estimate. Ceiling fan was also removed and offered to charity, then followed plaster removal from ceiling.

Insulation and lathe were removed from the ceiling. The following day, the electrician gave budget estimate for the rewiring and the figure was $3,500.

The floor was also scrubbed off, in the process wooden and tiles were removed.

Floor removal continued until the kitchen was fully deconstructed. This was the most challenging task and it signaled a beginning of the reconstruction phase.


All the remaining and tiny bit of the door and floor woodwork were removed and scrubbed completely. This was followed by a visit to nearby wood store to purchase plywood for the new subfloor

The scheduled rewiring began in earnest and it took three days to be completed. It is unfortunate that the dumpster left some marks along the driveway.

On the final day of the week, budget for the new cabinets, new countertop was drawn and the total price was $5,600

The whole week was characterized by circuit fixation on the whole room by services of expert firm to ensure that no short circuit occur and no fuses are blown.

Exterior installation of walls and ceiling then followed. On the last day of that week, the kitchen ceiling was installed with drywall using contraption and screw to join it with the joists.

After ceiling work was done, kitchen walls were installed with drywall, which took a bit of time. Then followed the collection of cabinets since it had been ordered earlier.

This was a week of electric inspection to ensure that the wiring system was not faulty. There were few mistakes, which required removal of the kitchen walls until there were no ‘red tags’ from the inspecting device.

Then followed the reinstallation of appliances that were ordered earlier before finally re-installing drywalls in the remaining areas.


The day began by shimming and making of walls dry. Tall the joined were stuck together using tape followed by installation of beads around the corners and mud coats.

Activities on the week began with priming of walls and ceiling, paining in the ceiling, and application of first and second paint cots on the wall.

Services of an expert was then required to installed outlets and lights, then followed the installation of the lower cabinets. The kitchen started taking shape.

The day started with completion of base cabinet installation while at the same time making cutouts in both the floor and cabinet

The following day heating duct was fixed to the kitchen cabinet, then more drywall installation followed and resetting of non-functioning circuits by an expert.

The rest of the hutch cabinets were fully installed on the 6th day and by the end of the week, all cabinet walls were fully in place.   

All the floor were fixed, finished installation of range hood, and fixing of the countertops in the wall cabinets.

By the last day of the week, all the countertops were adjusted by use of sander belt followed by hole fixing in the sink to connect dishwasher to the sink base cabinet. Afterwards, the entire wall cabinet was fully fixed with countertops with appropriate finishing.

The sink was fully installed with faucet and water filter, and sink strainer. Then followed the fixing of the range oven, door painting, and window frame installation

This was the month to put on final touches after the installation of appliance garage that took quite some time to finish.

The final touches on the appliance garage were made to the best level while at the same time, finishing all the final realignments of the whole kitchen remodeling.

The work was finished after mounting crown molding to hutch cabinets. The final work looked amazing.   

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