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Pet Park LLC

To raise awareness of Pet Park LLC, there is need for an aggressive campaign to be carried out, there is important to establish a huge budget for communication and marketing. To raise awareness, proper advertising needs to be employed in the United States and China. There is need to create advertisements that are meant for both the television and radio adverts. These adverts should be different for both countries and with messages tailored to appeal to the people in both countries (Pinson, 2001). Also there is need for a newspaper advert that will be published in major dailies. Internet advertisement has proved to be effective both in the United States as well as in China. Making good of internet marketing will reduce the cost of marketing and will reach a huge market across the two nations.  Search engines and social media in both countries can be used where the company pays for adverts. Use of posters and flyers is another option that the company should consider, huge billboards across cities have been crucial in marketing companies across the United States and also in China (Kotler and Keller, 2006).

Pet Park LLC needs to employ a promotion program that will be popular in both countries; the promotion will involve setting a 30% discount on the products. This will lower the price and attract more consumers. Also important is the after sale service promotion that will include for every second purchase on receives a product free of the same or lesser value than the lowest product purchased. Home delivery is another promotion method that can be used without charging the clients for the services. All this methods shall ensure that Pet Park LLC becomes a household name and increases purchases (Pinson, 2001). Proper promotion and advertising will initially be a huge cost but if carried out well, will pay dividends in the long run due to better consumer awareness of the commodity. 

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