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PepsiCo Quality

PepsiCo is basically a multinational corporation situated in the United States of America and mainly deals with non carbonated and carbonated soft drinks. It specializes in marketing and manufacturing of the mentioned beverages. Other products that the company deals with include cereal based snakes among other products. On addition to Pepsi brands the company owns many other brands that deal with other soft drink as well as foods. One of the issues that the PepsiCo works at is ensuring zero impact on the environment. One of the company’s philosophies emphasizes on healthier lifestyles and foods. Currently the distribution of beverages as well as bottling is manly carried out by affiliate or associate companies. One of the greatest challenges that have been faced by the PepsiCo is quality.

Pepsi manly defines quality basing on the taste that its clients or consumers prefer. Therefore most of the coca cola products are caged depending on the taste which the consumers want. This does not particularly mean that the product is manufactured according to the set health standards. Basically most beverages cage quality depending on the quality of the water which was used to produce the product. When the new CEO of Coke came into operation he wanted to do a different thing basing on the fact that Pepsi was a head of Coke in taste. For these reason he decided to do a different formula that considered quality but the new Coke was rejected by its customers because of the taste. They insisted that they were used to the original taste and because he had to save the company from collapsing he decided to go back to the original formula that was preferred by many because of its unique taste. Therefore for these reason in PepsiCo quality is caged on the basis of taste and not quality as it should be (Daehn, 2004).

Quality is a concept that has been used at the market for a very long time. There are no best words to define it because most of the time what is usually spoken of is goods of high quality but it doesn’t mean that quality is not considered because the producer has to meet the set standards as well as what was promised to the consumers. Quality is defined differently basing on what the consumer really wants. For instance the product that sells a lot is what is considered by many as a quality product. The other products that fail to sell are often referred to as imitations therefore the original product is what is basically termed as quality. For this reason products that are perceived to be an imitation are said to be of low or poor quality (Daehn, 2004).

The PepsiCo company has received many complains because of the quality of their brands. By the fact that quality is defined basing on the taste that consumers want it’s very obvious that the required healthy standards maybe overlooked in attempt to please consumers. Every product that is consumable by people needs to meet the food healthy standards that are set by the bureau of standards. The fact that Pepsi company is a large multinational its common to face challenge when it comes to controlling of what is being produced and as a result Pepsi company has faced allegation on the poor quality of some of its products. Managerial problems because of the size of the industry have made it difficult to control quality of the products. Poor product quality was raised by china because the coca cola brand failed to measure up to the required standard (Griffin, 2007).

Basing on PepsiCo definition of quality the department which has brand that is considered to be high quality is Pepsi-cola. The fact that the company packages its products in quality world class packaging enhances the quality of the product. Many people prefer bottled water over carbonated soft drinks because they consider bottled water to be healthier than cola products. PepsiCo has ventured into production of carbonated beverages that contain nutrients like vitamins, as well as minerals in order for them to keep competing by other companies that supply bottled water which is preferred by many because of the quality measures.

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