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Pandora the Jewelry Brand

I had never heard about Pandora Jewelry until the previous year, when I have got a birthday gift from my boyfriend. Being a jewelry enthusiast, I own a lot of precious units, but the bracelet from my boyfriend was exceptionally pure; it made me interested and I decided to visit their website to explore more products. I found out that the reason their jewelry is that pure is because it is handmade. Pandora has a user-friendly website and it took me a minute to see other products; they also produce rings, necklaces, watches and earrings. Their web-page also has a section that shows location of the nearest Pandora stores.

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One can easily create an account on their website; the advantage of this is that you get an opportunity to design your own piece of jewelry the way you want it to look. Thanks to the link on their website, I connected to their Facebook page successfully and was impressed by the relations they had with their customers. People post their comments and questions freely and are not ignored. Their twitter page is also a beehive of activity, because unlike many other stores, they answer customers’ questions directly, effectively and efficiently, which is really impressive.

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They also own a magazine called Pandora. I found this during a stroll in my neighborhood and decided to pick a copy. In this magazine I saw the different products they sell and decided to buy a couple of them. Moreover, in this magazine there was an offer placed, which made me even more excited about purchasing some new units.. Unlike other stores I have been to, this is the only store that delivered the beautifully wrapped gift to my boyfriend at work and presented my message on a printed and beautifully designed gift card. I am planning to buy my mum a necklace for her 25th anniversary in this shop and I am sure she will be impressed.

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