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Organization sample essay

It is quite logical that businesspersons, who are only starting their company, want to know some clues to success. One of these clues is the Internet technologies. Modern business actively uses them with different purposes. They significantly accelerate and facilitate various financial operations. Thus, when a company develops a business strategy, it should include the usage of the Internet technology as a primary focus, and its owner should remember that a business environment is a major factor, which influences the company’s behavior. This paper analyzes the significance of the Internet technology for cost-saving and receiving marketing benefits as well as describes the business strategy of the company, which owns a chain of restaurants.

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The Internet technology brings significant benefits to any business. Among others, these benefits refer to cost savings and marketing strategies. First, the usage of the Internet makes all financial operations, which a company has to perform, much quicker and more effective. “Many functions in the business process, i.e. bookkeeper, have been automated, which has helped to streamline processes and reduce the cost of labor.” (Bryant, n.d., para. 4). Bryant (n.d.) further states that the period saved due to the application of some Internet technology either makes money for the company or saves it. Thus, the work of accountants and financial managers is considerably facilitated.

The fact that the Internet helps business partners communicate quicker, see each other, organize conferences and save money on business trips is also an important cost-saving factor. Moreover, the Internet technology makes it possible to reach full automation of a significant number of services. It is better to spend money once on a certain program or an Internet application than to pay regular salaries (Bryant, 2015). An important aspect, to which the usage of the Internet technology contributes, is also globalization. The technology helps businessmen not only save money, but also to establish international contacts and gain more profits (Bryant, 2015). Thus, the Internet technology is the right choice for cost savings.

Besides generating more financial benefits, the application of the internet technology is vital for developing the correct marketing strategy. Nowadays, businesspersons, especially the owners of small companies, do not hesitate to make a choice between online and offline marketing. They want to be promoted and make everybody know their company. It is possible to reach these purposes only with the help of the Internet technology (Leinbach-Reyhle, 2015). Leinbach-Reyhle (2015) states that “Consumers have too many choices these days and they have to be constantly reminded that you exist. The best way to reach them is where they spend a good bit of time... which is online.” (para.10). The Internet technology gives business owners a chance to tell about their companies in social media resources and to optimize the search at properly developed websites to boost online sales (Leinbach-Reyhle, 2015). Therefore, it is impossible to build a profitable company nowadays without using the Internet technology, because it brings significant cost savings and assists in developing an effective marketing strategy.

Before starting a business, it is important to evaluate the environment of the industry, to which this company will refer. The organization, which seems to be a profitable business to me, is the owner of a chain of restaurants. It will not be involved in fast food business, but will rather possess some restaurants and cafes, which offer high-quality food for people, who prefer a healthy diet. The main and definite opportunity of this business is that people eat and will always consume food, because this is one of their primary instincts. Moreover, regardless of the type of food point a businessperson chooses, there is always a number of consumers, who will like the food prepared in a café or restaurant. Therefore, food industry can arouse the interest of any businessperson starting a company.

However, there are also certain challenges, which relate to food industry. They include competition, fussy customers, constant rise of food prices, a significant number of new market entrants, and others (Marrs, 2016). These factors are the reason why the strategy of my organization will be created in accordance with the business environment, in which a company will function. It will include: (1) active usage of the Internet resources and mobile applications (“partnering with online apps encourages visitors to check out your restaurant through gamification and customer loyalty programs, which offer visitors a free purchase or discount for visiting a certain number of times.”(Marrs, 2016, para. 3); (2) monitoring the social presence of the company; (3) providing regular trainings for the staff; (4) developing a distinct brand identity: high quality food at reasonable prices for the customers, who prefer healthy eating (Marrs, 2016). It will be also crucial to develop a marketing plan and to establish contacts with the best food suppliers to provide the promised quality and prices.

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To conclude, it is important to note that the image of modern business has significantly changed compared to the image of companies, which existed before the development of the Internet technology. Nowadays, being online, having an application and using the Internet for cost saving and marketing are obligatory components of a successful business. The Internet technology provides high-speed operations, facilitates the work of financial specialists and accountants and gives a wide circle of customers a chance to know that a company exists as well as informs about its activities. A business strategy for a food company should be developed taking into consideration the significance of the media presence, properly functioning loyalty programs, provision of high-quality food, and corresponding training of the workers.

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