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ME Second Part

1.) Iphone users are keen when purchasing any iphone, they like something that suit their life style and therefore these qualities are ranked from the most important to the least. An iphone usability is the top most important itilitie, it elaborates how effectively it can be operated, used or learnt, usability is determined when operations are streamlined to perform very fast and the adaptability of the user to learn to use without any help. Itilitie number two is the maintainability of the iphone. It determines how brittle the system is to change. (Clark, 2009),Points out that it determines whether the user can make any modifications to maintaining the system in an appropriate mode of the Iphone.

Scalability is the third utility of the iphone, gauges whether the iphone can withstand the stress of increased usage in that the iphone will not slow down when it is overused than usual. That is the iphone can handle big loads of downloads and the number of databases that are created to slow down the operation.

Reliability is itilitie number four, incase the system is slowed down; a little time is taken for the system to resume operation and only little failures incurred in the iphone system. Fifth is the extensibility of the iphone. The iphone has to accommodate for inversion of control or extensions from its system by the user and whether the third party developers can leverage the iphone system. Sixth itilitie is the ability of the iphones' system to resist unauthorized usage, modifications while maintaining service to users who are legitimate. (Coyne, 2006), suggested that it is important to secure confidential information stored in the iphone. Finally, the seventh itilitie is the portability of the iphone. This is the ability of the iphone applications to run on several platforms. This entails; data portability, application hosting and viewing. That is, the iphones' web applications has to support effective browsers and the operating systems run by the iphones'' programs. These are the important itilities of the iphone ranked from top to least important.

2.) Online movie business is a new business venture with many customers demanding for them. This business allows customers to download movies over a fast speed connection on an internet. It is a business venture that has rivaled cheap pirated movies that are provided on peers' computer networks. The movies are watched by the use of media players from the Microsoft Corporation and the Real Networks Company. The movies can be altered according to the viewers likes, that is, forwarded, rewind or paused and can be watched several number of times in a single day and can be stored on the computer drive for a whole month when not watched. This is a good business venture because millions of movies are produced annually and the customers only get them through traditional means such as channels or the hard copies. Debbie has to create a pool of customers and retain them.

Said that, the bargaining power of buyers will determine the growth of a business, buyers have the tendency to compare prices of various businesses, and therefore lowering license costs of watching the movies will put Debbie's business to compete favorably with the already existing businesses that provide internet movies. She also has to provide super hits of movies to avoid customers switching to alternatives such as pirated movies on computer networks. Promotional strategies will also be effective in maintaining customers' loyalty to his movies by giving offers for a given number of movies watched by a given customer.

These strategies will enable Debbie compete favorably in the internet movies market. However, the bargaining power of the movie producers can affect Debbie's business in the sense that they can charge a higher fee for super hits, which could be in demand hence making her increase license cost or operate at lower profit margin. The entry of more internet movie businesses would be a threat to Debbie but changing her internal business strategy to intense advertising of her movies would increase the number of customers and retain them as well.

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