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Marketing Survey

Consumer survey is a fundamental tool of marketing strategy that enables a firm to understand its customer requirements. Market survey provides information about how, where, why and what people purchase; therefore, revealing in such a way customer attitudes towards your company. Surveys also provide a platform on which consumers share their views on both current and future economic wellbeing of a firm. Consequently, secondary data sources provide information about the shopping preferences of customer basic lifestyle. Businesses conduct surveys in order to obtain data useful in assessing consumer trends and purchasing settings. Besides, surveys enhance a highly developed understanding of consumer behavior, test theories and development of business strategies and policy recommendations (UWEX 2). Businesses conduct surveys as a way of assessing consumer needs beyond a mere information about their lifestyle, demographics and data gained from secondary sources.                                             

The most common methods of conducting a consumer survey is through the usage of sampling and questionnaires. The most comprehensive and practical approach to data collection is to make use of both qualitative and quantitative questionnaires (UWEX 3). Data collection during consumer survey may be conducted through mail, telephone, personally face to face or with the use of world wide web. Collected data is then interpreted and communicated back to consumers through news releases, press or other media outlets.


The “movers” organization requires to increase its sales by making improvements in their current companies, expanding their existing companies, while attracting new investors. Perform a survey on the shopping preference of their existing and potential customers.

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