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Less for Your Dollar

The increasing cost of doing business is not only taking toll on the producers but on the consumers as well. Due to this fact, most manufacturers are struggling to maintain their market share through all means including tricking the consumers in order to ensure they maintain their market status.  One avenue that manufacturers are exploiting is in reducing the size of products by minimal quantity without notifying the consumers. in addition, despite the changes they effect in product quantity, they continue to charge the same price for the commodities. For example Tropicana still uses the 64-oz container though they pack it with less juice i.e. 59 oz yet they have maintained the initial product price (Goodison, 2010).

Although companies argue that the price of production has sky rocket due to increase in prices of raw materials and other factors of production, their actions are not unjustified,and it’s unlawful since it does not translate to the customer getting value for their money.

The size and price changing tactics being employed by manufacturers is fooling quite a large number of consumers. This is due to the fact that most products have loyal followings in terms of consumer base. In addition, companies are taking advantage of the fact that most consumers tend to assume product feature such as checking on the size of a product as its labeled. It’s quite unethical for manufacturers to reduce the size of commodities and yet fail to reflect the same to consumers by reducing the shelf price of the commodity.

Most businesses are alienated to profit making at the expense of the consumer. I recently took my television set to a technician for repair since it had a reception problem. The technician gave me a quotation of the cost I was to incur. However, two days later when I went back to pick the set, he informed me that I had to make extra payment since he had repaired the problem and changed the system speaker that he alleges was torn. I had no option but to pay for the service though I felt it was a raw deal. 

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