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Jargon and Slang

A representative selection of 20% of all workers was interviewed in the period between May 1st and May 25th concerning: Reasons why workers tend to use slang and jargon, How do workers feel about the use of slang and jargon at work place, Do most of the workers understand what most slang and jargon means, What are the problems encountered when dealing with slang and jargon, Suggestions on how to curb the use of slang and jargon, What can workers do for themselves to avoid using slang and jargons, what do workers think about what can be done to reduce slang and jargon use.

From the research carried out, workers or employees use slang or jargon to fit in the environment. Meaning that, most of the employees feel out of place if they are not communicating with the same language as other workers. The other reason why the use of slang and jargon is common is because; some workers fear to communicate something real, therefore they resort to slang or jargon to express themselves in simple terms with hidden meaning. The other reason why workers turn to jargon and slang is to avoid hurting others or to appear politically wrong. Also other workers try to use slang and jargon to show off their intelligence or try to win respect and honor from their fellow peers which in actual fact doesn’t work like that.

According to what the workers felt about the use of slang and jargon in the work place is that, first for those whose first language is not English, they felt that most of the time they were left confused not knowing what the other workers wanted to say, meaning that they don’t understand the slang and the jargon. This affects the way they perform in the work place since they don’t get most of the thing they are told to do. The problems faced or brought about by the use of slang and jargon are; the user of the same tend to loose respect from other workers, through the loss of respect other employees will not take the person in interest with seriousness. This hampers effectiveness in work places.

Here are some suggestions that can be implemented to reduce the use of slang and jargon in work place; introducing penalties to anybody who uses slang and jargon in work place. This can be done by asking for a small fine from the victims and using the fund to carry out some community development. Another way to curb slang and jargon use is by taking up an initiative to sensitize to the employees the dangers of using slang and jargons in work place. Many of the workers said that they are fed up with the use of slang and jargon.

People to whom English is not the first language complains so much on the use of slang and jargon in the work place, their grumble is that most of the time they don’t understand what other workers are saying. For example a worker is so much used to a particular slang or a jargon he or she usually uses it to everyone without realizing no all workers are familiar with the slang or the jargon. People always want to speak I the same language as the people in corporation are speaking, and it is said that if you are not able to speak in the same language that may hurt you.

Jargon and slang usually intimidate, frustrate or annoy other people if not properly checked out. Slang and jargon make the visiting the company feels as if they are entering into another world, since they don’t understand what the employee is talking about. Stopping to use slang and jargon pays much since the worker who does away with those words first get respected and he is able to communicate well in a way that he/ she is understood by everybody hence improving the quality of work done. Slang and jargons when used appropriately can be helpful but if that is taken too far it can cause problems in the workplace.

The possible recommendations on the use of slang and jargon in work place are; to make sure that employees adopt the normal language to avoid misconception of ideas, penalize all the workers that use slang and jargon, employees before using the slang and jargon they use at the work place should ask themselves whether they can apply it at their homes if not they should not use it at work.

The other recommendation is whereby employees decide to be accountable to each other. This is done through asking a friend or a colleague to hold you accountable for every time you use slang or a jargon. It will also be of importance if a list of words to be banned or at least to be reconsidered in the workplace. This done through visiting every department and asking the employee to list all the words they thing are slang and jargons in that particular department. But a little care should be taken in dealing with jargons since some people tend to like their jargons so much that they cannot let them go.  

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