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International Marketing

Culture is the way a certain people in a certain region run their lives and do things. The region can either be a country, an organization or even a distinct community. Culture is learned by the people who live in the region and includes the values and the norms that the people of the region hold. It also includes the traditions, religion of the people, rituals, artifacts and also beliefs.

In international marketing, it is important for the people to take seriously issue in regards to culture of the region that an organization or an individual plans to market in. Aspects of culture that an individual or company needs to take into account include the language(s) of the local people. The language that the people use and how it will affect the marketing of the products or services.

Other issues in regards to culture that have a huge influence in international marketing include, the religion of the people, the values and attitudes of the host community, social organization, levels of education of most people in terms of literacy levels  as well as the laws of the community and their politics (Muehlbacher, Leih & Dahringer, 2006). It is therefore important for a country to understand all the aspects of culture in a certain nation so that what they have is easily accepted by the host community as well. An organization that has no regard to the culture of the host community cannot be progressive.

A lot of companies in a lot of countries face challenges in the protection of their intellectual property right abroad, this is more so in China and other developing nations of Africa, Middle East, Latin America South East Asia and other places. Many companies are ignorant of ways of enforcing their right in other markets abroad. As an Executive with the Studio Company responsible of intellectual right, I will enforce the following measures; Work with the legal department of the company or a legal counsel conversant with international marketing. Work in the developed of well detailed documents that affect the licensing as well as sub contracting, conclusion of due diligence, with other foreign partners that will work with our organization in its program. It is also important to record our registered trademark as well as copyrights with the organizations that are responsible for protection of customs and also boarder protection. Also a company can register and patent, copyrights and trademarks in nations that are notorious in piracy (Fawcett & Torremans, 2011). It is important for an organization to jealously guard its Intellectual property from piracy; therefore the above measures are necessary as well as working with the respective law agencies abroad in fighting piracy.

Corruption is common in developing nations, they will use acts such as delays and inconveniences so as to secure bribes or other favors. In while travelling, the control officers are supposed to assist the visitor immediately and clear with them unless there is a problem with the travelling documents. A delay is not necessary as it inconveniences travelers and if there is a delay it should be communicated earlier and should affect all. When one is requested to part with a $50 contribution so as to speed up things, this is engaging in corruption and it is Illegal. But the government of the United Stated has no jurisdiction in the act as the crime was not committed in the United States. The country that has jurisdiction and the laws that have been violated are the laws of country X. If one is caught the person can only be tried in a court of law in the country where they committed the crime and for this case country X (Dupont, 2001).

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