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Information System

This is the ability of being in the position of dealing with the difficulty and the process of changing the context in which the business operates and hence consequently lead to their internal organization structure. (Stahl, 2008) Thus this paper is going to help in the process of analyzing the uses of Amazon databases, data management issues and the relationship between Amazon data, information and the knowledge needed to formulate the benefit of information system.

Amazon database is the largest retailing online company that offers more types of products at a significantly lower price by giving their customers a personalized shopping experience that helps them discover new products .It is furthermore renting out infrastructure that it owns to be an e-commerce giant by establishing an extreme business selling cloud service that includes disk storage and database software that is based on the amount of computing power that they use.

The low leverage of data assets is a possible database issue of management as it is used for the purpose of application and not for any additional value that can be derived through a wider analysis of collecting knowledge to understand and serve customers better. Data security is another issue that maintains data once it has its original data source by employing each step in the integration chain that ensures appropriate security for the company. (Stahl, 2008)  

There is also the possibility on the limits on scalability as the requirements are hard to predict in advance and they can change instantly based on sudden popularity. Some of the cloud database platform vendors are alleviating by running the existing databases on a virtualized infrastructure and providing a non-relational key of all infrastructure and databases that are vague. The relationship among database data, information and knowledge is that database is referred for the purpose of completing reports; this is so as after data has been gathered and processed thus it becomes information. Moreover, the information that is relevant and actionable then becomes the knowledge that is usually subjective and experimental for the purpose of managing data.

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