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Impact of Design on Business

Businesses must add value for them to be able to succeed in the ever becoming challenging economic environment across the globe. The solution is innovation of products and services while maintaining costs. Design is today being employed as a strategic tool that will assist to enhance performance as well as encourage innovation. There is need for businesses to understand the full impact of business design and how its effect on the performance of the business. 

The influence of design is linking innovation with creativity; this is done through creation of ideas that are practical to consumers of a certain product. Innovation will require a business to exploit all the ideas and explore the importance of design with intent of developing new products and services. Research has shown that there exist interdependency between design and the important role that innovation is playing today as well as technology and business knowledge. Firms that have invested in design are reaping significant results based on the improvement in the quality of products and services as well as increase in market share. The business organizations that have embraced design have a higher chance of introducing better products and will be relied by the consumer to direct the future trend in the market (Acklin 2010, pp. 50-60).

Design provides a business environment where price is the main reason as far as competition is concerned. Proper design will create a competitive advantage to a business over its rivals. Businesses that develop design practices such as proper innovation, it will create an instance where the company competes solely on the basis of price. This is because businesses will be able to create new products and services that are tailored to the needs of the clients. Value adding of the products will mean that the products the company provides in the market different from what competition offers and are far better in comparison. The importance of value adding is the increase in the quality of goods and services, improvement in the production and reduction in the cost of materials.

According to Bedford et al. (2006, pp. 50-60)Studies have shown that good design will have considerable effect on the amount of sales a company will make. Introduction of design by a business organization will impressively have an effect in the measurable values such as sales and customer appreciation. Managers in an organization must create ways of encouraging innovation which the consumers will value and thus result in sales. The businesses should also create value in advertisement so as to make the consumers aware if the products that they are offering in the market. The organization should also ensure that they have preservation for value by them ensuring that they seek to be efficient, control costs and proper management of the profits.

With the recent economic crisis, governments are today appreciating the crucial role played by innovation. According to Tischler (2011, pp. 76-88) around the world, nations are making huge investments on design in the way the business environment. China is expanding their design school so that they can cater for more students as well as nations such as South Korea, Singapore among others. In the United Kingdom, there is a government design council that was created to assist in inculcating design in the British corporate and manufacturing world and so that the British products can remain competitive.

Innovation and creativity are key in the role that design plays in the society. Business globally have to ensure that they introduce the principles of design if not they will become uncompetitive and thus unable to survive the market. Design is crucial in today’s business environment and it is a responsibility of all including government to encourage and create the proper environment for design minded businesses to thrive.

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