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Good Organizational Citizen

Good organizational citizenship has been studied for many years. In the last 30 years, the interest in this area has increased. The role of good organizational citizenship in improving the effectiveness of a company has become more studied. A good citizen implies that people at work treat their colleagues with professional courtesy and have a very high respect for them.

Speaking about working relationships, it is necessary to mention discretionary behavior.

Sometimes employees choose to perform certain tasks in their own way without paying much attention to the views of other workers. This illustrates the fact that one is responsible for the way he/ she chooses to treat others and not for how to be treated. In their relationships with colleagues, employees should not be motivated by rewards. A good working environment can only be built on frankness and reliability.

The second aspect is going beyond job requirements. A good organizational citizen goes an extra mile by treating people better than it is determined by the required minimum set by an organization.

The third factor is a positive contribution to the overall organizational effectiveness.

Being a good organizational citizen has several benefits both for the individual and the organization. One of the advantages is revealing strong points of the individual. The individuals who treat others in a disrespectful manner are considered to have a weak personality.  On the other hand, a strong character is required for leadership. A good organizational citizen is likely to be promoted to a managerial post. What concerns a whole company, good organizational citizenship has been proven to improve the effectiveness of a business.

However, there are also some disadvantages. One of them is deceiving. People may pretend to be good citizens for some forms of benefits, for example, promotion.  Although, in the end, they often do not get what they want.  Another disadvantage is that being a good citizen is very difficult. A lot of people are not likely to treat the good organizational citizen the same way they are treated. Finally, it may not yield any benefit to the organization if other employees do not emulate the good citizen.                               

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