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Federal Express

Federal Express has been functional from 1973.The growth strategy of Federal Express unlike that of most of its competitors is majorly based on the unity of its workers and improving their lives as well as the company's and so there is more determination by the workers. Its main principle is Profit-Service-people meaning that to attain all these, they cannot be separated in that profit comes from proper service delivery to people who intern pay for the particular service of delivery and refer others to the company (Davies, 2005). It works together with the community by giving them a sense of belonging and of importance by providing them with over 100,000 job opportunities.

Its HR strategy is to be an employee's choice by having a well established brand, reputation and giving people value for their. In HR, one of its strategies is for the employees to acquire skill and with this they only pick the candidates who are best suited for the job in terms of skill and experience. Having a hardworking attitude is also highly advised of its workers as well as good quality results and not only doing things in bulk as this is what makes them have a good reputation. The workers/employer relationship should be such that the environment is conducive for good work output. Training to increase worker knowledge is helpful.

The workers feel secure if they have benefits to look up to and if turnover are extemporary, then they know that they are capable of better output. It has attributes such as: personal for the self goals one puts forth to achieve at work, Accessible to the customers and level of know how of the company so marketing comes in handy, reliability should be one major assurance to the people for safe delivery of their items, responsive is in the aspect of speed of delivery and dedication is in terms of the ambition and motivators at work.

Reputation this is achieved there being a work environment that is unique and adopts talent, interest and objective at work making customers trust them. While, Fedex had a problem of registering its workers of Tiger Flight to a union. Such development made the staffs to be more secure in their jobs which in turn made administration of such duties to be difficult. Another challenge which the company was facing its being able to uphold its image it its customers so that it would be able to retain its customers and attract more to its business. Businesses mainly overcome the challenges it faces in the market by being in good relation with its customers.

Risks Involved

The Flying Tiger network which was in the same business made it possible for FedEx to be the most prominent cargo carrier allowed FedEx to become the world's largest full service all cargo carrier. It was more of a merger in which FedEx too up additional routes that were previously operated by the latter. Flying Tiger was mostly plying the Asian and European routes and FedEx took them up. Flying Tiger Line was founded in June 25, 1945, by Robert Prescott it had difficulties as it planes were not as fit but it was determined to deliver door to door.

It became the largest but the market was not expanding and losses were incurred (Heppenheimer, 1995). The merging of the two giants was enough to make the other almost nonexistent. This created an unfair market to other small timers who wanted to get to know the business as air delivery only as Fedex so it's hard to venture into the market and change peoples minds.  By sort of creating a monopoly, there is less competition thus it can give lee way to slight lack of effort to the work done and is also subject to less trust from the customers, there is need to show that even though they are the only delivery company they do so to the level of near perfection.

The acquisition in a way made people believe that they had also taken up whatever defects that Tiger line had and in this way was seen as an element a bit of loss of profit but later with time the customers came to know that they had instead only taken up the good traits of the latter and together had brought to life a new element of Fedex (moldrem,2000)

Problems of Acquisition

One eminent problem was that there needed to be a lay off as Fedex had already trained pilots that would take over the new wing of the company, but still the former pilots of Flying tigers were still at the liberty to have interviews done and if qualified would then be in the business again. Like in all other cases of merging, the new company takes up the liability of the former company and in this way it was seen that it was all an aspect of responsibility Fedex had to inherit a debt of about $2 billion. This was quite a set back as Fedex was still new in the business and needed all resources possible to gain prominence and eventual power in the industry, it was however able to overcome the setback due to it huge capacity and broad base of destinations (Bilstein,1994).

Another problem that was faced was that Fedex had to register the workers of Tiger Flight to a union in which they were able to be more secure in their jobs leaving no room for doubt (Leverne, 2000). Another thing was that Fedex was faced with the difficult task of upholding its image to be as good as that of Tiger because any business depends on the main customers and without which there would be no business. If the customers are happy, then the business is happy.

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