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Electronic Business

E-business is a term referring to electronic business and has a connection from terms such as email and e-commerce. It is the conducting of business on the Internet and involves more than just buying and selling to ensure that business is advancing profitably. Today, many businesses are strategizing their businesses with the Internet and its new culture and capabilities (Li, 2007).

Business to business use of technology is very helpful to many companies, consider a pastry business. A company could use the website to purchase some of the items that it requires for the correct running of the business. It can liaise directly with another company that sells the baking products that they require. This would be a different utilization in that in the tender application there is advertisement, and the companies that feel they can supply them apply. In the other one, it is all about dealing with the companies that are well known to them in the ordering of the things that they require (Rainer & Cegielski, 2009).

B2C, otherwise known as the business to the consumer is the conducting of business in the Internet with the consumers being able to purchase what they want from an organization. This can be done in the following ways in order to link with consumers. Customers will find it easier to deal with a shop whose products are just a click away other than going all the way to shop. The shop will also experience an increase in profits due to the extra delivery cost that they will charge. This is beneficial to them since every business’s goal is to make profits. Other branches of the same company may be known through the website.

Some of the B2B applications that a pastry business can apply are discussed below. First is the Buy-side business to business application, which involves storing of the business logic on the side of the procuring company. This prevents Maverick buying since it allows access to the company’s approved e-catalogs only. It is cost saving and also feature pre-negotiated pricing, therefore avoids unnecessary price haggling. Second is the Sell-side applications- which are often usedby the e-commerce portals selling certain services or products online. The applications may be integrated on the company’s B2B site or connected to wider markets through the sell-side applications.

There are some more common examples of companies that employ B2B practice such as Brazil’s Submarino. It uses the internet for improved service and customer support and nearly 1.4 million Brazilian internet users have purchased through this site (Andams 2003). Others are the IBM, Dell and Cisco. Cisco has  made purchases of about 90% of its products over the internet.

By employing the e-business marketing , the pastry business will enjoy a wide coverage as it is possible to take their brand to all parts of the world using the online marketing. Moreover, Internet marketing has an interactive nature, both in eliciting response and instant response; and, therefore will help the pastry business to drive more traffic and increase in sales. Consumers can learn about the products by accessing the internet, as well as purchase the products at any hour, and in any day. By using e-marketing, the pastry company is assured of some unique benefits of marketing such as low costs incurred in distributing information as well as access to a global audience.

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