Durex Condoms Brand

Durex is a widely known and trusted brand. It name stands for ‘durability, reliability and excellence’. This paper looks at the cognitive stimuli that durex use to influence the consumer attitude. Durex makes use of marketing strategies, including low pricing, high quality commodities, free samples and coupons, variety of brands and flavours and advertising. Durex has managed to attract new and maintain its old customers, which is an indication that their marketing strategies are efficient. Consumers perceive different brands differently, thus influencing their purchase decision making. Some Drurex ads influence the feelings and emotions of consumers as they associate the brand with pleasure, whilst other ads influence the consumers’ beliefs, knowledge, and meanings. They mostly associate the brand with protection against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Still, other marketing stimuli influence the consumer behaviour either directly or indirectly. Such promotions include the free samples and coupons, which may improve customer loyalty. Basically, the marketing performance of an organization highly depends upon a consumer’s attitude towards the firm and its products. If a firm provides a customer with the desired satisfaction, then that customer will not hesitate to go back to that particular company. This will increase the sales performance of the company, thereby increasing its profits. Durex makes efficient use of its marketing strategies, thus ensures consumer satisfaction. In general, the objectives of this paper are to investigate how Durex Brand reaches out to its customers and to establish the consumer cognitive, affective and behavioral response to the products offered.

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