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Dollar Tree Inc

A company that started in 1953 as just a simple store, the company has seen a lot of transformation to make it to the fortune 500 companies with over 4,100 Dollar Tree, Deal$, Dollar Giant and Dollar bills discount stores in 48 states in the U.S. and the district of Columbia, as well as about 85 stores in the Canadian provinces (Hoovers Inc. 2012).

Current Business

The company involves itself with dozens and dozens of activities selling products priced at one dollar and below. This company has departments, such as beauty and health products dealing in products that we use daily on our skins, food and snacks simple foods to get for on the move kind of activity, things that are used in the house that is house ware, stationery, candy, children playing materials such as toys, candy, teaching supplies among other many activities.

In some stores there are also frozen foods. The company thus involves itself with the business of buying and selling merchandise to customers that mainly go for less than a dollar. They usually get this merchandise from china, since it is readily available and cheap due to cheap labour force.

Mission Statement

Dollar Tree, Inc. is a customer-oriented, value-driven variety store which is practiced to sell things at a one dollar price. We are in competitive relationships with other stores that are selling similar things.. Our the company`s objectives are to make profits and increase its revenue. From the company’s mission statement we can be able to deduce a few things:

1. The company does value its customers and that is their number one priority since it is at the top of their statement. Customers provide income and without them the company cannot operate and thus it is right to offer them recognition as the company has.

2. They guarantee the value for the products they offer, that is they don’t just offer products just for the sake of offering them, but they do also value the quality of the products and the treatment of their customers.

3. This third section looks at social responsibility, which is a key factor for upcoming companies. Being able to take care of the societal welfare is a key factor and Dollar Tree Inc. shows that it is able to do just that by incorporating the society in its mission statement.

At a glance then we can conclude that Dollar Tree Inc. looks at the welfare of everyone simply by looking at its mission statement.

Sustainable competitive advantage (s)

The company recently adopted an e-commerce platform in their website, which I believe is a way of keeping themselves up-to-date with current technology and thus have been able to cope with competition since they are able to keep themselves in touch with the latest technology.

The company locates its stores in high traffic strip centers thus able to get shoppers. This is also another competitive advantage, since they are able to net all those customers in these streets unlike a store that is located in a remote part of the street. This also helps save on advertising costs, since they are located on the way and can just see the store thus saving on advertising costs.

The company has acquired many other stores in the business thus gaining the ability to counter competition from these companies and I would view this as a competitive advantage.

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