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Contemporary Business Law

Business laws govern businesses and organizations regarding the relations, rights and the conduct of the people in the engagement to the trade, sales and the commerce.
There are different types of laws, which can also be illustrated with examples in order to better understand them. Substantive law can be explained on how the degrees of the murder are defined. The case depends on the circumstance, on whether the murder had intentions to commit the crime. That is why the homicide act falls under the different levels of punishment, as defined in the statute of substantive law.

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Procedural laws, on the other hand, can be illustrated as the rules which govern the process during the time allowed for a given party to sue another party.
The example of civil law includes property disputes, landlord and tenants disputes, divorce proceedings, child custody proceedings among other disputes between two partied in which the victim's compensation occur. Criminal law, however, can be illustrated by different examples on which it deals with crime and results to a legal punishment. They include theft, robbery, assault and trafficking of the controlled substances.

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Common law examples can be illustrated by a judgment made by using a similar judgment made in the past. In such cases, the judgments made become the law.
An example of statutory law is when a government establishes a law which goes to its format e.g. The 14th amendment of United States, which overruled the Supreme Court. Moreover, Individual States or governments establish statutory laws and differ around the world which makes it different even in the format.

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In order to protect the rights of businesses and organizations, the US government adopted the fourteenth amendment of 1868. According to Tsesis (2008), the amendment gave equal rights to all people living in the US. It prohibited the local government and states from depriving the people of their life, property or liberty without following the procedural and substantive laws. This was to ensure fairness to all and favored many business and organizations from discrimination without law enforcement.
Also, the Amendment eliminated racial segregation and gave African Americans the rights to form organizations in its jurisdiction and the rights to own business (Epstein & Walker, 2007).

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