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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour refers to the behaviour customers portrays in searching looking for, purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs Perner,(2010,p.10) . The study of consumer helps in grouping consumers on the basis of individual and or organizational consumers. The study of consumer behaviour is useful for all stakeholders involved such as the consumers, marketers and scholars of human behaviour. For consumers the study will help to reveal what, why, how and the promotional influences that make them buy. For marketers the study will help them in understanding of consumers’ pattern of behaviour, how to make the product appealing to them and what promotional and branding strategy to use to make the products more appealing to consumers at different stages of product growth Kiviat (2007,p.12). For scholars it helps in understanding why consumers behave in certain way and why or what factors, internal or external influences their buying decision.

Consumers buy products as a result of various factors, such as loyalty, sociology and psychological factors. On the loyalty factors, consumers will tend to buy products that they have been using and well known to them as opposed to upcoming products Perner (2010,p.26). This is despite the short comings that may be eminent in the existing products. For example, majority passengers, 67% preferred an airline known to them despite the fact that it has chances of causing accident Kiviat (2007, p.33). As a marketer launching new product in a market where consumers are such loyal, a lot of promotion is required to shift the loyalty to the new product.

On sociology factor, a consumer will purchase a product depending on what others are purchasing. With this consumers are likely to stick to one product despite the existence of better products in the market Perner (2010, p.44). In such cases marketing a new product in such a market requires a lot of convincing powers to the majority consumers and how to make them turn and stick to the new product. The psychological factor considers individual preference, opinions or anticipated changes in status influence the purchasing pattern Kiviat (2007, p.53). The marketer should consider what an individual consumer’s preference is and how the perception of the products will be Perner, (2010, p.63).

The study of consumer behaviour is useful in the following four ways Perner (2010, p.70). For marketing strategy, the marketing department should be guided by marketing research on any level of product cycle to make any strategy as pertains the promotional materials to use in launching, sustaining or in increment of market share. The promotional message and the means of portraying the message should be such that is delivered appropriately and to the correct audience Perner (2010, p.71). For scholars of the consumer behaviour it assist in their research and better understanding of the behaviour, scholars should help companies and consumers to be more knowledgeable of the best strategies possible. They should understand what factor influences the demand of certain products and or what factors has made certain products to loose market Kiviat (2007, p.82).

For consumers, they should be made to be better consumers, making rational decisions on the value proposition of their spending. They should be able to discern various promotional messages aimed at increasing companies sales at their expenses Perner (2010, p.88). The study of consumer behaviour is important for all stakeholders both in marketing and the public. For marketers it will help in getting the products to consumers in the best ways possible, counter the influence of the already existing products and help in penetrating the market Keviat(2007,p.95). For scholars, they need to know the consumer behaviour in order to evaluate the viability of the current promotional strategy and how better they can be improved Perner (2010, 112).

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