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Conflict at Work

Conflicts are common in all workplaces and are practically unavoidable. These conflicts arise due to disagreements that are results of difference in opinions. It is often said that if more than two people agree on everything, only one person is thinking. There is a conflict between the whites and blacks which is a result of a feeling of superiority to another person. An individual may have preconceived notions that he or she is being undermined and his or her efforts to improve the current situation have been looked down on. Bob Jones who is the main character leads a miserable life which is full of tension and fear because he is black. This conflict mainly began after the bombing since that incident was never an issue before. Immediately after this, race became a major concern to the whole American community.

Jone’s life was becoming harder and harder due to the fact that he was a boss or rather a supervisor. He did not have a peace of mind and working became like walking on eggshells since his superiors were waiting for him to make a slight mistake. The white workers engaged in insubordination without any care always usurped his authority. They openly disrespected him and at one time Johnny Stoddart, a white worker called him a “nigger”. This made him harbor ill thoughts of causing harm to these people who were humiliating him. He did not take it kindly while there was also another case when a white woman refused to oblige to his orders. He insulted her in respond and this occurrence almost cost him his job. He definitely lost his position of a leader.

The white and black conflict also took place when Jones and his girlfriend Alice were not offered services at a restaurant because of the color of their skin. They later encountered problems when police approached them. Alice thought that it if somebody was among the white people all the time, it did not mean that you became a part of them. Life started taking another shape, a completely different one from what he had always anticipated. His trusted girlfriend whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with was reluctant and actually refused to give him money when he escaped from the hospital. His life dreams and aspirations were smashed when he was later arrested and taken to jail. The result of this conflict was that when they finally learned the truth, they brought an accusation but without any indication that he was enlisted in the army.

There is no much difference between the conflicts that take place between employees and customers. One is aware of the fact that if something comes up and one is fired, there are certain consequences; for example, you may not employed by any other company. It is as if all employers come together to see your failure in any income generating activity. Employers will sometimes put up with an employee whom they dislike because of transparency and credibility. They, however, are keeping tabs on you 24/7 waiting for you to make a mistake for which one will be definitely punished. They want to show you at all times who is the boss or rather who calls the shots in that particular institution. Sometimes this happens due to issues revolving around jealousy. Sometimes an employee will advance in his/her studies at a greater speed than the employer himself and these new improvements will offend employer’s feelings.

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