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Coca Cola Company

In the recent times, competition between firms operating in the same industry has increased. This is attributable to factors such as raised technological knowhow, reduced barriers of entry among others. Consequently, companies have been forced to invest heavily in aspects such as brand awareness, in order to remain profitable. Using MAO (Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity) framework, this paper will compare brand awareness between Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo.

Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity affecting Coca Cola Company

There are various motivational, ability and opportunity factors, which have affected consumers of products made by Coca Cola Company.  One of the main factors is the values which have been held by the company, towards production of high quality products at an affordable price. This way, the needs of the customers such as price sensitivity is catered, thus high brand awareness among them. Secondly, improved distribution channels across the globe offers the company with ample growth opportunities as compared to the rivals, such as PepsiCo. The firm has also invested highly in corporate social responsibilities, especially in the developing countries. Through CSR, adequate brand awareness has been attained, thus higher sales revenues (Maclnnis, Moorman, & Jaworski, 1991). Unlike other non-alcoholic beverage companies, Coca Cola Company has been able to embrace technology. This way, the company is able to respond adequately to the customer’s needs, through social sites like Facebook, Twitter among others. All these factors have been crucial in raising brand awareness about the firm.

Coca Cola Company in Comparison to the Competitors

In comparison to the competitors, like PepsiCo, there are various ways in which situational factors can affect the consumption of products made by Coca Cola Company. For instance, growth of sales revenues in Coca cola Company can only be attained if the firm continues to produce high quality products at a reduced cost. This is because majority of its customer are those having low income levels. Other firms, such as PepsiCo targets customers having higher income levels, hence consumers may not be affected by raised prices of its products.

Marketing Campaign for Coca Cola Company

To improve on the brand awareness of Coca Cola Company, there is the need to invest in advertisement. This way, consumers from various segments will be made aware of the high quality products offered by the firm at a lower cost, as compared to the competitors (Andersson, Arvidsson & Lindström, 2006). Consequently, the sales revenues will increase, thus enhancing the sustainability of Coca Cola Company.In conclusion, it is clear that firms have to invest heavily in brand awareness, in order to remain profitable. 

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