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Business Letter

I am greatly pleased that you have been thinking much about your future since you finished your high school and joined The City Community College. I think your choice of the program that I myself undertook in the university is quite brilliant. You have requested some information about the program, which should be a start to help you understand what I do better. I hope the information will help you make a god choice on your future career.

The program I undertook is called Bachelor of Science in Leisure and Recreation Management but simply known as Leisure and Recreation Management. The program runs for a period of four academic years divided into two semesters per year. However, one can opt to undertake trimesters, that is, three academic semesters per year which would shorten the number of years to two and a half academic years. Nonetheless, I would not recommend it due to the immense pressure of the studies which may lead you to academic failure. The different courses which must be taken under the program are divided into fifty units done in terms of 6-8 units per academic semester. Generally, the program incorporates a lot of content in the field of exercise and sports science as well as management and administration of leisure and recreational-related entities such as gymnasiums and theme parks. Some of the units tackled under exercise and sports science include human anatomy and physiology as well as swimming and fitness instructions among other sports and games. On management and administration, the types and roles of public and private companies in the industry of sports, leisure and recreation and legal issues affecting them are learnt as part of the coursework.

I chose the program mainly for a variety of reasons; some personal and others practical. Personally, I am interested in sports and exercise and I like to have fun. I am also interested about learning about the human body and how it works. Therefore, the course was a good choice in terms of those personal reasons. For practical reasons, I chose the program because it has a lot of job opportunities in the sports, leisure and recreation industry. Additionally, the industry is so large that lacking a job is practically impossible unless you are not very confident. Secondly, the program has a lot of potential for specialization in various fields such as sports nutrition. Once in the program, one can pursue the leisure and recreation studies up to masters, PhD and even to professorial levels. One can also pursue studies in other complimentary courses and the associated industries such as in hospitality and tourism among others. The various job opportunities include fitness, sports and games in addition to aerobic instructing in health and fitness centers as well as in public and private academic institutions such as universities. Lecturing, being sports, physical trainers and welfare officers as well as rehabilitation and outdoor educators and providers in various levels of governmental institutions, corporate organizations and academic institutions are other areas for lucrative job opportunities. Additionally, one can be employed as managerial and technical personnel in sports and recreational organizations as well as acting as consultants in various health and wellness programs.

Ultimately, there are also many chances for self employment. As such, I really would recommend the program to all my friends. This is because one can take parts of the course such as sports nutrition which have their own market niche in the sports industry. In this case, one can be able to freelance in addition to having other jobs. Incidentally, the program is available in terms of certificate, diploma and postgraduate diploma levels affording one a larger base for making relevant choices. Specifically, in additional to the personal reasons, I chose the program because of the job opportunities available after taking the program, the potential for specialization and advancement in studies to higher levels as well as the many chances available for freelance and self employment.

Job Opportunities

On job opportunities, the program has a lot of areas one can venture into. One can be a coach, swimming, fitness or aerobic instructor in many areas especially in private and public academic institutions such as high schools and colleges as well as in the uniformed forces such as the army or the police. Additionally, one can be a manager for the numerous leisure, recreation and sports centers such as gyms, other health and fitness centers as well as outdoor and rehabilitation centers. There are also countless opportunities for academic teaching and instruction in various academic institutions as game tutors or lecturing in universities.

Career and Study Specialization and Advancement

The program offers one numerous chances for career specialization. The various courses and units can enable one to venture into numerous specific areas such as athletic training, sports consultancy, fitness training among others. Additionally, the program expands from certificate level to the professorial level where one gets more money and job opportunities as one rises through the levels towards professorship. This enables one to advance in his career and therefore form and plan one’s future career. It also provides a big scope of areas that one can venture into not only in the sports industry but in other complimentary industries such as the hospitality industries in management of sports facilities.  

Freelance and Self Employment

Naturally, the program has a lot of potential in one easily starting one’s own business. For instance, one can start an aerobics studio or health gym which would require little start up capital but heavily dependent on one’s own skills. Additionally, it is possible to freelance whereby one can conduct exercise sessions and coaching in many areas such as swimming and fitness clubs as well as various sports such as tennis and basketball among others. The implications are far reaching as one will be in a position to formulate, plan and effectively implement a portfolio career considering the skills one gains from the program. As such, one can delegate various jobs to others and focus on the main ones.

To conclude, the implications and advantages for choosing the program are extensive. On a personal level one can gain a lot in terms of having a fun-life that is also professional. Additionally, choosing the program because of the job opportunities available opens a lot of possibilities in terms of appropriate job opportunities. The potential for specialization and advancement in studies and a career in that field is intellectually beneficial and can enable one to reach to self actualization levels faster. Freelance and self employment opportunities as a result of the program are good avenues for integrating flexibility in one’s daily activities even if one has a permanent job.

I hope that this information will positively influence your decision in choosing the program and in case you need more I will always be there to assist.

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