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Business Growth

The sustainability of business growth requires a clear strategic plan with an elaborate structure to covers future development and defines sustainability in the long-term, (Robert, Michael, & Duane, 2010). The business world is dynamic and need continuous improvement to remain relevant in the competitive environment. In this regard, businesses must look out for new frontiers and concepts that would not only guarantee growth but also yield positive financial gains to sustain competitive advantage. The quest to venture into new markets had necessitated US businesses to focus on Chinese market for growth and development. Chinese business empire is also sourcing for business opportunities in the US.

Interstate trade platform is critical in business in many aspects. For instance, apart from business, it fosters good diplomatic ties and global peace. In addition, China-America Business Corporation is a positive move for the development of the top world economies (William, 2008). China has a large population that is a market for exploitation for American business community. Besides, there is cheap labor in China, which would cut labor expenses for to the American firms. These opportunities therefore require strategic positioning given that high level of technological advances have level the market (Heilbroner & Milberg, 2008).

The increasing interest of US entry into Chinese market is not always smooth due to a number of challenges. In my opinion, I believe that China economy is still closed and is run conservatively. This makes it difficult for US businesses to penetrate the market at the appropriate pace. I therefore call for the respective administrations to work together as witnessed by the Chinese president’s visit to the White House. Such efforts should trickle down to local administrations to forge ways of creating equal opportunities for both parties to facilitate smooth running of businesses in the major economies for mutual benefit.

Business and Society Forward and Backward Integration
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