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Business Discussion

The UN has a responsibility to participate in each of its member countries, through advocating for developments (Krasno, 2004). This role involves enhancing social, environmental and economic performance of nations through setting standards that have to be respected by all member states. Creation of the department of economic and social affairs within the functions of UN explains important interface in connection to the global policies, in regard to economic, social and environment spheres and the general national action.

 The UN administration has designed the department to work in three connected areas. First, this department has to comply, generate and analyze a wide range of economic, social and those that deal with environmental concerns, where members state their basis on how to review common issues, while taking stock of policy options.   Secondly, the department necessitates negotiations of UN member states in any intergovernmental bodies in developing a joint course of action in addressing both on going urgent global challenges. Finally, the department was created with an intention of advising interested governments on proper ways and mines of translating policy frameworks developed as a result of UN conferences and summits initiating them into realizable programs at a country level through the technical assistance, and helps built through national capabilities (UN, 2005).       

The economic and social council was established mainly to serve as a central body in creating a reliable platform for UN member countries to be able to deliberate effectively on crucial issues in their respective countries. Most of these political leaders and government administrators know that depending on old-fashioned way is prawn to inflicting failure rather than meeting demands of more complex and interconnected international economy. Although, many will recon that globalization has brought in increased competition among businesses, while generating increased pressure on governments to boost economic, social and political conditions, within which the informal sector can effectively compete.  The UN has to play a leading role in every circumstance in guiding member countries in the best possible ways of improving economic, social and environmental conditions to equality and better lives of human kind (Krasno, 2004).         

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