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Business Comparison

Leading the World's Largest Organization VS Small Business Entrepreneurship

World’s largest organization is a complex enterprise. It requires a skilled leader to run it through its demanding activities and particularly in taking considerable risks. The leader should be well versed with several skills as listed. One of them is the conceptual skill. This is the ability to analyze what the future may hold, seeing the big picture. It involves the coordination and integration of all organizational interests and activities. Human skills are also fundamental as the leader works with a large number of people. It demands cooperative efforts or team work. Design skills also come in handy in solving the organization’s problems (Baldwin, Timothy, William and Robert 77). Designing clearly outlines the core issue and steps to follow in solving any problem that may arise. This means that there is a clear outline on activities to be carried out.

Small business entrepreneurship, on the other hand, mainly focuses at the owner and maybe a small number of employees. One crucial skill is the self-starter skill which requires that the entrepreneur knows their strengths and flaws (Hossain, Liaquat, David and Mohammad 24). One should be able to manage themselves before handling other people. Organizational skills are necessary in dividing work or tasks in to manageable portions that will ensure that all work is done in time (Grundy, Tony, and Laura 47). Financial skills enable a business person to be able to manage stock and create a balance between profits and lose. This ensures that the business maximally utilizes capital as a resource in sustaining itself over time. Small businesses also require skills on the trade so that the business person has an in-depth knowledge about the business at hand and how to market its goods and services.

However, there are several similar skills such as communication skills that would facilitate clear information channels among the employees. Conflict resolution skills are also a requirement for both enterprises as all human interactions always lead to conflicts at one point or another. Decisions making is part of the daily activities, and this requires use of decision skills. Team building skills are important in an organization or business.

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