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BP’s Goals and Strategies

This white paper discusses BP’s organization goals and strategies. This is necessary as it will help the organization obtain its goals and lead to its expansion. The organization should try to work in ways that can benefit the communities and the habitats where we can transact our business. This will enable us earn respect in all over the world. The organization should be committed to supporting the different communities that venture into our business. We can do this by also preserving their environment. We should connect energy related education and also support enterprising business people. The organization always strives to prepare and improve the environment that surrounds the places where we transact our business. The organization should also aim at constantly improving the organization, for example, it can work to provide rigorous health and safety standards. It can also aim at holding the organization’s employees to a global code of conduct. The organization should encourage its business partners to forward any concerns they have regarding the business. So as to achieve these objectives the organization should make sure they plan systematically. This will enable the organization to expand and improve terms of its performance (Harvey, 2006).

BP interacts with a wide range of organizations and individuals and these interactions bring ethical obligations. These ethical obligations in a business of this kind include; providing the customers the product that they expect, honestly making effort of building long term share values, complying with environmental laws and ensure able workplace, health and safety at reasonable levels. The social thing about this is the organization compliance with the law, and more specifically, environmental obligation. BP has matters that can be categorized under social responsibility. This is because the risk associated with them is borne by the society as a whole. An example of this is the BP’s business in oil drilling, its refining and its gas selling. CSR has to do with the extent to which a company is obliged not only to prevent social harms, but also contribute socially beyond making a product valuable. There are a number of different factors that influence BP’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. The first factor that influences them is innovation. Innovation can be seen as the creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies or ideas acceptable by the markets, governments, and society. BP is a company that comes up with new ideas or methods that help it create new products and services that will be well accepted. This is a very important move as it enables the company or organization achieve its laid down objectives. Innovation ensures that there are positive changes in terms of the organization’s efficiency, increasing its productivity and bringing competitiveness. Another important factor that influence’s BP’s strategies, tactics and contingency planning is profitability. Profitability can be described as the state of yielding a financial profit. Profitability influences the organization’s tactics, contingency planning and strategies as it highlights whether the company is moving in the positive direction or not. This affects in a huge way the decisions that the organization takes. Another factor that affects the company is the environmental concern. This is because BP aims at preserving and improving the surrounding environment. In case, any concern arises, BP re-strategizes the tactics and their plan so as to combat the concern. BP company should put into account all this so as to achieve all its aims and objectives (Read, 2011).

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