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Tolkien response

Fairy tales speak about hidden meanings that are not easy to comprehend. Tolkien has several definitions of fairy tales to help readers understand his tales. He defines tales as stories that exist and are more natural than man. He suggests that man is supernatural, whereas fairy tales are far more natural than human beings are. Tolkien, unlike other writers, believes that fairy tales are more than just stories about dwarfs, elves, witches and giants. Instead, according to him, fairy tales are about the entire universe and everything that exists in it. He says that historical happenings or giants and elves cannot define fairy tales, but by the nature of the faerie, he says that it is upon the nature of fairy, the perilous realm itself, and the air that blows in that country that faeries are defined. He implies that they are current events that are taking place and can be vividly felt and recognized. From the above definitions, it is evident that Tolkien does not have a specific definition of what a fairy tale is; instead, he lets the reader decide on the meaning to go by.

Tolkien’s fairy tales are full of adventures. An adventure is a literary genre pertaining to unusual experiences and exciting happenings, where one commits bold without thinking about the outcomes. Just as Grimm’s Rapunzel , Tolkien fairy tales are very adventurous .In Rapunzel, we see a man who loves his wife so much, that he takes the risk of stealing from a witch. Although the witch does not harm him as much, she demands to give her his daughter, whose name is Rapunzel, similar to the herbs eaten by the mother. Similarly, in Tolkien’s fairy Lord of the Rings, we see humans going against witches and evil powers despite knowing that they could be harmed. In both fairy tales, the adventures show acts of courage and bravery of good going against evil. In the fairy tale Lord of the Rings, people fight against a ring of magic power, which is used by the evil to rule the world. The tales, however, depict that good will always win against evil.

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